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Quart mason jars?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Aka_am, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. dude, get out of your fuckin bedroom and see the fuckin word.
    people have slang terms for everything.
    yes dro is a grow method. "hydroponics" i know.
    but here in Texas everyone calls dank "Dro"
    its just a damn slang term.
    dont jump on every single person that uses dro.
    are you from Texas?
    are you from Cali?
    are you from Jersey?
    are you from Florida?
    you may be from one of those, or a completely different one...
    but you're not from all of them at the same time.
  2. im from florida and no one down here calls it dro unless they know nothing about trees. ya i know there are slang terms like fire, dank and crip but dont call it "dro" cuz that has nothing to do with the quailty. my dealer grows hydroponicly so im around it all the time. thats why it pisses me off when people call it that.
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  3. im just sayin. everyone around here calls Dank "Dro".
    you dont ever hear anyone selling "beasters" or "headies"
    its straight "Dro"...
    i know its mainly a product of the Houston rappers callin it dro.
    but hey...Houston's got damn good weed.
  4. If everyone around you started calling popcorn 'hamburger' would you do it too?
  5. ya so does just about everywhere else in the world and they dont have to call it dro. just cuz a few rappers call it dro doesnt mean u have to, next time someone uses that term around u just correct them. its not that hard. i listen to chamillionaire all the time and paul wall and young dro and i dont use the term.
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  6. thank you for backing me up on this, im normally not a confrontational kind of person but this just really bugs me when people use the word dro to describe the quality of weed

  7. Well for what it is worth I feel the same way about the word 'dank'.

    Main Entry: dank Pronunciation: \ˈdaŋk\ Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English danke Date: 1573 : unpleasantly moist or wet <a dank basement>

    Dumbest word every to describe quality.
  8. i see where u are coming from, i only use that word when the trees smell absolutly, well , dank lol. ya but mostly i use the word fire.

    ive described my trees a few times with the phrase "dopest dope i ever smoked" from the movie pineapple express. it seems like im uing the phrase more and more now because south florida just keeps getting better weed :)
  9. What kids today call 'dank' my friends and I call 'top shelf'.
  10. never thought of that before, ill try to squeeze that in next time i talk about trees. im always lookin for more slang to use
  11. the only reason i even use words like that is because thats what i've always heard said.
    didn't have a whole forum to guide me when i was 13.
    and jr.blades. i will correct people from now on.
    OSK- yeah i thought dank was always a bad name for it. top shelf would be a more positive term.
  12. Thank you for being open minded and not just arguing for the sake of arguing. I know what its like to learn everything wrong for the first time. Its hard to break those habits.
  13. Wow, quite interesting. I didn't know that about the word dank, I don't use it. I use shawg, commercial, beasters, name-brand. Next time someone says this shit is dank, I'm going to be like "So it's unpleastantly wet?"

    How about a gallon zip-loc, how much can I fit in there, or a gallon mason jar.
  14. Know it's an old thread but still relevant, so...

    What do growers do who harvest 1-3 pounds? Can't seem to find mason jars any bigger than a quart
  15. I'm not really sure if I'm answering this correctly? But here is partial answer? I've heard some people say in a quart jar you can get about 3 oz but also if you're curing your weed you want it to be 90% full to where when you go to turn your jar the buds fall freely so they do not stick together and get moldy don't leave it to empty or two. I somehow middle fire packs or are absorbing packs I hope this helps
  16. Yes someone who actually knows what they're talking about I don't know who said that to you? Better weed takes up more room? That doesn't make any sense if they're Buds? the Mason jar is not going to know the quality of the weed!
  17. dafuq?
  18. Not sure where u are.. I get 1/2 gallon Mason jars from Menards or meijer and I think walmart has them. You can get approx 2.5 oz. In them. Only about an ounce in a quart jar. Hth

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  19. And this is what results from public indoctrination centers in the US. Zero ability to understand and use grammar and sentence structure. I weep for the future.
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