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Quart mason jars?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Aka_am, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. How much ganja can I fit based on your expirences? Not ground, just bud. Thanks
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    i have fit 3 ounces in one. it usually fits ounces depending on the bud
  3. Awesome that's what I like hearing! +rep
  4. ounce of dro 1 1/2- 2 ouncens of regs
  5. Ok, that doesn't help me. 1 1/2 of hydroponically grown weed, or 2 ounces of regular weed. Would the quality not effect the quanity that can fit?

    I guess I'll find out later this year, Im more then likely moving to gallon jars, or something bigger.
  6. How did you manage that? Was it all ground up or was it all popcorn nugs?


    Those are the jars I have right now and they are quart size and I can fit an ounce into one at most. Each of those jars has about 3/4 of an ounce in them.
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  7. I typically get 1 to 1.5 depending on the density of the bud.

    3 ounces would HAVE to be shake, or crammed full of dense brick.
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  8. what are u stupid everyone knows most dro is fluffier the regs which means more regs will fit in a jar then dro
  9. You should reread what he wrote...he said exactly that...1.5 oz of dro or 2 oz of regs.

    Stop calling people stupid, especially when your own reading comprehension is lacking.
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  10. Usually about an Oz. maybe 1 1/2 depending on the bud. I love mason jars though for moonshine and bud.
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    how is my comprehension lacking he said that my answer didnt help him out then he restated exactly what i said maybe its his comprehenision that is lacking because i explained it pretty well
  12. didn't make any sense brah. I asked a question about the quality vs quanity. If your going to be flaming you can get out of my thread. it's one ounce for a quart mason jar. Thanks for the pic, grinDer. +rep

    How about bigger sizes?
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  13. Remember the jars should be kinda full for freshness. For ex. If you are only going to be storing a gram or two get a small mason jar. sorry i cant help, i have little experience with mason jars full of dank:(
  14. Yeah I know, that part. They will be full of bud, not crushed in, though, but full.

    I have other jars, that I use as well.
  15. explained it pretty??? lol why would it matter how it was grown, hydroponics isnt always that fluffy.
  16. ya brosef i told u if u have dro(quality) you could put about one ounce(quanity) in a jar and if u buy reggie u can typically fit 1 1/2- 2 ounces in a jar i still dont see how that made no sense to u
  17. dro is not a fucking quality of weed. stop saying that, dro means how it was grown. and some of the most fire trees i got were dense as all hell so dont say the better the quality the less u can fit
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  18. ya i am from ohio and i only pick up on ounces or more and i keep it in jars so im pretty sure i kno how much of whar kind of weed fits in a jar........ we refer to all our dank(dumpster,sour d,blue magic, exc.) as dro my bad for confuseing you....... and jrblades i never have my headies if thats what u want me to call it dense/brick because we usually get it fresh as fuck so its never dense thats why u typically cant fit as much headdies in a jar as you can reggie
  19. depending on the type of bud.. about an ounce.. anymore than that squishes the bud or it would have to be really dense

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