Quantum Theory finally unites with Special Relativity

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    Anybody ever heard of the Wave Structure of Matter? I recently came across it but it seems to be a new theory which unites quantum mechanics and Einstein's special relativity, which is amazing in itself. It proposes that the concept of point particles is false, and that modeling matter as spherical standing waves solves almost all the classic quantum theory paradoxes. Hard to conceptualize what they're talking about, but the math seems to work out. Truly interesting read and watch.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r5zJH_2crE&feature=related]YouTube - Interview with Milo Wolff 1: "I was just curious."[/ame]

    ^Watch all parts of the interview if you're interested.

    ^Anybody sincerely intrigued by quantum theory should give the site a read through.
  2. I read Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" a few years back and was really interested! This is pretty dope my man. What's next from here you think?
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    I think this guy might be fibbin, his so called theory is self referential and I haven't even heard a mention of it in any peer reviewed journals just a bunch of metaphysical sites, I think this would be better off in philosophy section.

    Yup just figured it our with basic math, everyone can stop looking now! hahaha

    not trying to be rude but I found stuff on this from about 6 years ago and if science found the GUT it would have been much bigger news then that, just saying.
  4. Leonard Susskind > Stephen Hawking
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    At least take time to give it consideration before writing it off, honestly. You disproved the whole theory with some simple math? All the founders of Quantum theory, Schrödinger, deBroglie, Dirac, and Einstein knew that the point particle model of matter was incorrect, and their discoveries pointed towards there being a wave structure of matter. Once quantum theory came into existence, the commonly accepted model of physics became riddled with paradoxes, and according to scientists who have based their careers around these subjects, this new model corrects almost all of the problems which have been confusing theorists for decades. There are plenty of other scientists who have come across this theory as well, and it has, in fact, been submitted to many science journals. It took 40+ years for Quantum Theory in general to be accepted as a mainstream idea, so this understandably might take some time.

    Here is a link to an article that was given as a lecture at Stanford University and published in the Temple University journal, Frontier Perspectives and the Physics Journal, Apeiron , both in 1997. http://mwolff.tripod.com/8f.html

    Also, here is an excerpt from Dr. Wolff's site regarding science journals that would be important to keep in mind:

    "It is an unfortunate fact that academic journals seem to have an inbuilt censorship of new ideas that contradict existing paradigms. This simply reflects human nature, and ultimately these organizations are run by people with pre-existing ideas. However, we live in hope, and there are the small minority within the academic system who realize the errors of the current system and will no doubt be sympathetic to new knowledge if it abides by the rules of Science (as the Wave Structure of Matter does)"
  6. Sorry about the double post but Dr. Milo Wolff is a reputable scientist. Not some random guy with a theory. Here is some background for doubting Thomas':

    "Wolff's work at MIT (1963-69) on the structure of the atmosphere resulted in a $6 million contract for MIT to build apparatus that would scan the atmosphere in orbit and then compute the constituents over the entire earth. This scanning scheme and math method were the precursor to the MRI (magnetic resonance image) scheme developed five years later to scan the human body. In Singapore (1970-72) and at the Aerospace Corporation (1973-75), he did computer studies of the structure of rough surfaces of asteroids and planetary satellites seeking the cause of 'negative polarization' of reflected light - an 80 year old mystery of planetary astronomy. His results showed the cause to be multiple scattering of light and interior reflections in grains. This knowledge makes it possible to remotely measure the size of distant asteroids as well as the index of refraction of grains on distant surfaces. At the UN (1975-77) and privately (1978-present) he did the pioneering research on the Wave Structure of Matter, leading to a quantitative quantum wave structure of the electron/positron and the origin of the natural laws. He has shown how the fundamental particles, being in fact the Wave-Centers of Spherical Waves in Space, are intimately joined with the large-scale structure of the universe."

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