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Quantum T5 HO Grow Veg/Flowering

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by bendmmc, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Hello all, My name is Bendmmc.........Welcome to the show. This is our most recent grow. Were using Three Qauntum T5 HO lights. This grow has not finished w/ these lights. Started Plants from seeds on 11-6-09. Flowering room ignition was 1-10-10 and is still firing. Current cycle is 12/12. Nutrients Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Bloom. 1 week feed schedule: Water, Bang, Bing, Bloom, Water, Bang, Bing,......Three part formula, yes and its name really is Bada Bing, Bang,and Bloom. Great stuff for your plants to marinate in. Room is filled with panda skin, Ventilation is 2 home depot 6" inductor fans with all the ducting fillng into two rooms seperated by panda. I also added a 240v floor heater for added, yes added heat. I have no ventilation fans because Im always in my room opening and closing a man door leading to fresh air, this has been going on for years with me and it works. Here is some photos.








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    looks good man, keep it up
    what strain?
  3. IMO those pH testers that you stick in the dirt are garbage...
  4. True, the plants hate they're pH levls right now. wow?
  5. fucking beautiful
  6. Potential hazards are emminent and remedies have been put into action, We have males in our room, with that said any ideas at this point will help loosen a stressed head. I thought this was a good looking grow until last weeks nuts grew out, breeding is now an option and Im open to it, However, I dont have enough experience breeding to know what Im doingcpmfortably. I have only been growing for a few years. This has happened before, and when it did, I throw em out. Now its not just about my own benefit, But I must also grow for patients. I made a promise to my patients to grow them the best I can, I intend on keeping that promise. Any info to help avoid this in the future would be great. So raise a glass ladies & lads,:hello: and take a toke with jane,:D for your fellow grower is about to go insane!:(
  7. ill try to help, although im quite the noob myself.

    you said you were having pH problems, is that your main problem? I see on your meter that youre near 7.5 pH, even those aernt that accurate, its still high.

    I would recommend buying some ph up and ph down to help control the pH. I would also highly recommend throwing that PH soil probe out, and buying a digital one. a digi one costs anywhere from 30-150$ an is worth every penny.

    dont know if you know this, as youve been growing longer than I have. but your problems (nute problems) are possibly due to you pH. the plant can only intake nutrients at certain pH ranges (6.3-6.8 I believe, dont quote me on these numbers).

    about the male... sucks but youre probably going to have to kill it.

    why would you want to breed? all youre going to end up with seeds, which is fine I suppose... but if you just lost half of your crop/bud, I recommend doing something fast, like clones, to get your grow going again. starting from seeds takes 2-4 weeks longer versus clones!

    how to avoid it? it could be many things, light stress, or any kind of stress will and can turn a plant hermie. im not too sure, im sure someone here knows more than I do.
  8. So I have been researching T5 lighting for veg and also bloom. I would prefer not to use HID lights because of heat and power issues, but i definitely want a decent harvest

    After seeing both of your rooms under t5 lights, I bet you're getting close to harvesting so I am wondering what kind of yield you think you are going to get
  9. aye bend , its nice to see yA IN HERE . I prefer this forum to 420 . plants are still lookin good. if you want to get up on breeding there is a thread just for conversations on it . if you go n check it out i have been getting great info from a guy i met on here. (lessismore) he has tons of xperiance n you would do well to take his advice with breeding . he isnt stingy about telling tech's either. i just posted some pics on my t5 if your interested. later

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