Quantum Physics

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  1. Watch These Video:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh8uZUzuRhk&feature=related]YouTube - Entanglement Dr. Quantum[/ame]
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPeprQ7oGc]YouTube - Dr Quantum - Double Slit Experiment[/ame]

    These finding rocked the world of Physics and the understanding of the universe in general. I Honestly shit bricks when i saw this. Anyone else on GC seen any similair or have any other undestandings of Quantum Physics

    Its some trippy shit :smoke:
  2. Welcome to the Science forum! We all love these videos and fall asleep to them nightly. ;P
  3. This shit is trippy even when you're sober hahahha

    Its really interesting though
  4. I'm giving you +rep.
    What the Bleep Do We Know is amazingly well displayed for us to understand.

    Everything they cover is absolutely fucking nuts.
    How our intentions can impact matter is just mind blowing.
  5. The very act of observing something changes it, which means that every act of gathering empirical data fundamentally alters the data we recieve. Therefore all our knowdelge is flawed....

    Ohhhhh Sh---tt
  6. What The Bleep Do We Know is such a terrible movie that bastardizes quantum mechanics and completely misrepresents it. David Albert, the physicist from Columbia University who appeared in the film, stated that he was outraged at the final product and claimed that the filmmakers edited his interview to make it look like he was saying something very, very different from what he told them. If you want real physics, watch The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. PBS has all three episodes available for free on their website.
  7. i just started looking into this...and have only read enough of the basics to be dangerous!

    but i have read what i could find on these experiments and some of the theories that go with it.....

    when i look at what i see as the big picture....of this tiny world we are looking into....

    they tell you that it doesnt exist until it is measured....or observed...
    yet they also tell you that it exists as all options as well....

    so they boil it down to the idea that nature likes to keep her options open........

    the problems come into play when we want to know what happened to the dead cat ? if we find a live cat when we open the box?

    i have read the idea of multiple universes....

    but this doesnt fit with the basics....

    the basics tell me "Energy is not continuous"

    the unobserved options will not live on....once the choice is made

    once you have measured and observed it.... the choice has been made ...there is no going back ...the other options which existed only potentially -exhausted their limited energy and dissipated.... never finding any potential

    now where i see the spiritual side missing the point.......would also be right in the basics...

    "The atomic world is nothing like the world we live in."

    there are many clues in the natural world around us to how the world inside works..

    if there is anything spiritual to be learned from quantum physics as i see it....
    it is simple.....
    sometimes your just a particle and some times your the wave ...
    what could be and what was ....dont mean a thing....

    only thing that exists is what you are observing right now....

    can anybody who actually "knows" tell me if im on the right track?
    or even at the right station?:eek:;):smoke:
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    I'm not really sure dirty .. but I can tell you that is the impression I got.:eek:

    "god doesn't want his picture taken"

    The only thing I think this is telling us is that "god" is saying your wasting your time trying to answer questions you'll never understand.. stop looking for answers and just be. IDK though.. That's just what I think..:confused_2:

  9. i cant help but feel the same.....

  10. so basically he's talking about quantum super positioning...or am i totally off:confused:
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    'What the Bleep.." is made by the same people who funded 'Zeitgeist' - the Ramtha Cult.

    Ramtha's School of Enlightenment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "....Bleep was conceived and its production funded by William Arntz, who co-directed the film along with Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente: all three were students of the Ramtha SChool of Enlightenment."

    It's aim is to make you believe that: "...individual and group consciousness can influence the material world.." the basis of their books and DVD's, which make millions of dollars throughout the world. Many sites about QM and New Age subjects are run by the cult to spread their ideas. Zeitgeist was just their first stab at trying to change the way people thought using lies and false science in movies on the net.

    There's a mix of Ramtha payees and honest scientists used in What the Bleep. Emoto for one is now saying that his research wasn't meant to be taken seriously, it was art.

    Possibly one of the worst movies on QM there are.

    Former students of the School have accused the RSE of practicing brain-washing and mind-control, as well as using intimidation and fear techniques to keep students in the School. David McCarthy, a student of the RSE between 1989 and 1996, calls Knight a "spiritual predator", and he mentions various parts of the teachings which had an intimidative character, such as the prophecy that unless students remain faithful to Ramtha, they will become prey of the "lizard people", and that the ancient figure of Jehovah would return to earth accompanied by lizard people, in a spaceship.[4] The former students (including David McCarthy and Joe Szimhart) have formed what they call Life After Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (also known as LARSE), a community group to provide support for people who have quit the school and find themselves lost.[15]

    A further controversial issue regarding Ramtha's teachings involve the so-called "endtimes", which were prophesized catastrophes. Instructions from Ramtha were given to the students, telling them to leave their friends behind if they resisted or disagreed with them. He taught that "your government is an illusion", which encouraged some students to engage in tax evasion, and he also directed students to build and prepare individual underground shelters to protect themselves against an imminent invasion of Chinese Communist soldiers from Mexico, planning to invade Seattle and the surrounding areas.[10] Other prophesies include a holocaust would take place in 1988, the USA's involvement in a major war in 1985, a discovery in Turkey would reveal a big hidden pyramid which would reach to the center of the Earth, or that cities would be obliterated by diseases.[16]

    Keep looking for answers. Never stop asking for proof. Don't blindly accept the idea that we are not meant to know who and what we are. Rise above blind faith. Refuse to believe that your life has no meaning without a divine purpose. Take your life and live it, lest your god be a lie.

  12. MelT- your whole post was helpful....

    but this part.....
    especially the bold.....
    i fucking love!
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    My belief tells me there are infinite possibilities. It is only when you accept that YOU create your possibilities, you realise consciousness ultimately creates these possibilities. The source (consciousness)=infinite. Just my belief though..

    Which came first? Consciousness? Or the atom? If the atom, where did consciousness (possibilities) come from?

    "Which came first? The chicken?Or the egg?"
  14. The atom came first, before stars and planets started forming. Consciousness came about with the brain as a result of evolution.
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    What made this possible then, do you think? (just asking.. not an attack)

    It is my impression from quantum mechanics, that the observer chooses the possibility.. Otherwise the atom is already infinite correct? No need or way to replicate.. but maybe I'm misunderstanding something? I'll admit, I am not too up to date on it..

  16. this simple lesson has been found in every religion ...
    is the most important lesson for actually living your life that any of them teach....
    and has always been the one thing most misrepresented!(not by all-but extremely so by those who do)
    you reap what you sow....
    what you put out comes back to you ...

    karma is a bitch!

    not in some other life....
    but here now....

    now is all there ever is
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    Heaven AND hell is right here. Right now. On Earth. It is your choice to decide. Just think of the possibilities..............

  18. Thats an argument that is based off the work of Thomas Aquainus, He tried to argue that something have to start the universe because every reactin is caused by an action.

    this is constantly disproven by the theory of entanglement.
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    I respect your decision.

    It is also my belief science (quantum mechanics also) can be wrong. It's like "god" is putting us on a wild goose chase. No offence at all though, ok? This is just how I view it..

    edit: Just watched the entanglement video again. I would like to hear everyones hypothesis for this experiment. Mine is that all atoms are connected through non-local consciousness ("god" or energy as I see "god"), but I'd like to hear other theories.
  20. So are electrons 'aware'? I was watching a video on quantum computers and the guy said the computer stops working correctly when he looks at the processor because it causes the wave function to collapse. How does it know it's being looked at?

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