Quantum Energy Generators

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  1. Im cautious of clicking on something by a person called "hopegirl"

    This person probly doesnt even have a science degree.

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  2. Lol @ hopegirl2012

    If you haven't read a source, and are unfamiliar with its contents, and are unwilling to critically analyze - are you able to take intellectual responsibility for the claims therein? Is this consistent with the institutional epistemology of the scientific method?
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  3. Did you actually take the time to read the link?

    You are a stronger man than I lol

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  4. it doesn't even describe the generator, just how they want to change the world with it pretty much
  5. Lost me at Perpetual Motion machine.
  6. I finally read a little bit, and I think the science section might have been the wrong place to put this lol. If it's legit, I'm interested, but nothing in it yet to make it seem legit, but who knows. So to not let it all go to waste.
    Dude called Keshe made a patent for a plasma reactor. Nothing has materialized yet, but it's interesting nonewtheless.
  7. Honestly, I just wanted to ask if this sounds plausible to any of you guys.
  8. ....did i somehow miss where they outlined the device?

    or are you just asking if a perpetual motion device sounds plausible?
  9.  Perpetual energy, zero energy. Plasma reactor like Keshe's. I wish they had actually outlined the device for us here.
  10. oh gotcha. basically it comes to to if you want to believe science or not.

    if you believe that the laws of science we have come to know are true, then no. one of the most fundamental scientific laws is that energy can not be created or destroyed. you can never get more energy from a system then is put in.

    however, if you want to disregard everything we have come to understand about the order of the universe, sure, you can believe its possible. you also have to be very willing to suspend belief, as none of these claim technologies ever come to fruition, and the only ones that do have been debunked 100% of the time and the creators exposed as money hungry snake oil salesmen.
    Well the idea is that it isn't energy from nothing, that simply wouldn't make sense. Rather, it is our ability to harness energy that is inherent to the environment around us. I think Tesla made reference to it at more than one point.
     "Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels."
    -- Nikola Tesla​
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  12. right. but anything claiming to be perpetual energy is impossible. or anything that can output more than it intakes, which is the claim that all these technologies make.

    no doubt we can harness natural occuring energy though, we already do alot with solar,wind,wave,etc. but there is a large difference between that and the psuedosciency stuff
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    It's as if he doesn't understand applied thermodynamics.
    These kind of psudoscientific narratives are extraordinarily political in their fundamental assumptions. If you can't identify those, you may want to reassess your critical thinking methodology.
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    double post.
    Most of them are, some of them are actually about the technology. Technology, that follows all the laws of thermodynamics and is still able to produce energy from the zero point.
  16. zero point energy isnt bullshit.

    however at this point in time all claims it has been harnessed are.
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    Well we can't be sure. We know that there is a system in place that doesn't want that shit to exist. Probably out breaking kneecaps right now.
  18. dude come on now. nobody is suppressing this. if somebody could make a harvester they would have. it would be a pretty remarkable achievement. science applauds new innovation.

    furthermore, you dont need anybodies okay to invent, produce, and advertise. if some could build it they would, and then theyd make it known. the "big oil man" or whoever the they is in this scenario doesnt somehow have the ability to stop a person from building something.
    True, but it could stop someone coming public with it out of fear.

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