Quantum Consciousness to Legalize it.

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    yeah, i'm sure the title is a little off but i hope i got your attention.

    if you believe that the power of consciousness can affect reality, rather than using it for things like finding the best weed or the sweetest smoking spot or getting good weather... why not use this to help legalise marijuana?

    well, "how can i do that?" you may be asking? well, try this.

    every morning when you get up, focus your attention and awareness on something like this where you say to yourself "in my lifetime i will see Marijuana Legal" and truly believe it. or if you're a more visual person, picture yourself going to an every day store and buying a pack of marijuana cigarettes or joints... or even better, visualise and say to yourself that you will see marijuana legal and then in the same thought picture seeing the president signing papers to put forward a bill to legalize it and it being passed with a good majority.

    if you believe in the power of consciousness or even if you don't, just try it... it's believed that if enough people feel this way and are putting out the right "vibes" for it (if you will) then it could affect reality.

    we've been waiting and wanting for it to be legal and yet, too many people don't do anything for fear of being thrown in jail, vilified or whatever but you can't be thrown in jail for thoughts. you can't be thrown in jail for visualizing things.

    let's all do something about this. let's not see a future where this great herb becomes the pariah for all of society's ills. let's do what we can.

    i'd bet you a Quarter of the best, dankest bud that if EVERYONE did this, we'd see it legal in our lifetimes.

    so, Tl;DR: Every morning for at least ten minutes, focus your attention and thoughts on picturing it becoming legal. say to yourself "i wil see Marijuana Legalized in my lifetime." (AND STICK WITH IT!)

    besides, it's only ten minutes of your day... how many minutes a day do you waste thinking of other things? sillier things? how many minutes do you waste in the haze?

  2. I didn't really read the post but I know what it's about. Just wanted to put my opinion forth that I don't think the Herb should be legalized. I mean , look at tobacco - it's a plant that has been owned. Totally controlled by our authorities. If the Herb were to be legalized I fear the same fate. The government will take complete control over it and you wouldn't be able to legally grow it then , you'd have to buy it from the stores .. Ehr which would totally ruin it. Plus I don't really believe in the directed conscienceness thing , even on a mass scale.
  3. understood and i do see what you mean... though, in all fairness i'd personally rather be able to freely get some weed from a store than having to risk being jailed because of my choice of drug. (and since i'm not a fan of alcohol... that shit's scary as fuck when you research what it does to your brain and body.)

    still, i still believe i'll see it legal in my lifetime. when? can't say but it's a belief i hold.

    i just hope that people are mature and reasonable about it's use when it eventually does become legal so the anti-pot types can't go "see, SEE! This is why it's so bad."

    yeah, i'm not saying don't smoke it, but at the least be smart about it.

    and back on topic, i can respect you don't believe it to be possible with that consciousness making reality, though would you be willing to go into detail as to why you feel that way?
  4. Well I'm just thinking logically about it really. There's even serious scientific tests that have been done to see if directed conscious thought makes a difference in tossing a coin. Being the rational and logical human being that I am , I can fairly easily deduce that it wouldn't matter if a billion people all directed their conscious thought to a single coin being flipped ten times onto heads in a row , the odds and outcome would be exactly the same as if no one were trying to impose their will on it. Although picturing a specific outcome of a scenario in our heads may help the way we ourselves -the individual- tackles the problem , it won't necessarily mean that by some miracle force the problem is bended to fit the persons own will. I assume that's where the majority of people who believe in directed consciousness get this idea originally from.
  5. Who ever said that it would be illegal for us to grow our own? I've heard a lot of rumors about it but no real talk of it in politics.

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