Quantum Break

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  1. So I'm kind of amazed by this title, but not for good reason

    Haven't played yet, but the streams have this game looking like a very generic shooter compared to the super hyped game these producers have been amping for the last few years. Multiplayer seems non existent but maybe I just haven't seen any.

  2. Just curious if it's worth buying? Anyone that's played it, please share. I have it preordered but idk if I should pick it up or transfer my money to a different preorder

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  3. Windows Exclusive DRM. Sounds lovely!
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  4. Damn game section is dead...
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  5. This is what the gaming industry is now. First off, a game company makes a single great title and is showered with praise for it, which then brings all the AAA title pushers sniffing. The pushers then say to the now stars of the gaming community "Look, you have a reputation now as great creators.. Let's take that reputation and ROB THESE BITCHES." and thats what happens, the pushers create projects and the only goal behind this project is for it to be created by "BUNGIE!" or whatever other studio they can use to push this crap product. Once the crap product is pushed, they use a formula to determine the minimum input vs. maximum output and push that agenda until your playing the newest CoD wondering what kind of flaming piece of shit they created. And before you think thats the end of it, let me just say it is not, because not only are they doing this, but now they are cutting pieces out of these shit games and selling them as downloadable extended content when in reality that piece of content was supposed to be apart of the original game.

    This treachery, as well as all others, brought to you by your fellow human beings.
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  6. Yea. Unfortunately bc I've been on a gaming kick lately. I play Borderlands but I wouldn't bother starting a thread on it bc it would get three replies lol.

    Anyways I thought the same thing about QB.its just a generic shooter; it's only redeeming value is the different ways you can stop time (but even then a lot games nowadays have ways you can manipulate the battlefield or yourself to get an edge) and looks like you cant eat half a clip and keep going. I looked at a video bc I wasn't sure if it was good or not. I might buy it when its 20-30 dollars..
    Yea a lot of games are derivitive and crap but there are still quite a few good games and companies that care about the product they create.

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  7. For whatever it's worth, I like this game a lot...haven't played video games much at all for quite some time, but getting into it...if you think of it purely in terms of being a shooter, obviously it's not great, but it's a very interesting and well done story and all of the mechanics involved with time manipulation, going along with what makes the story interesting, also makes the gameplay interesting. And I think the video scenes actually are nice as well, they're really well done, like a real TV show/movie, with some actors I already know.
  8. Wish I could rent this game. I've heard pretty bad things about it but I still wanna play it, no way I'm paying $60 for a 10 hour campaign game though. I wanna play Hitman too but probably won't but that either. Redbox gotta step its game up
  9. Is there any multiplayer on Quantum Break? I may consider buying it if there is, but like black sabbath said, there is no chance of me spending $60 on a 10 hour campaign

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