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  1. I am planning growing two plants in a 3x3 space. I plan on growing one auto and one photo. I want to focus on the photo as far as the light schedule and let the auto do its thing. I purchased (1) HLG65 4000k and (1) HLG100 3000k to do this. I initially bought the HLG65 4000k and found out that it wouldnt do me through flowering so I added the HLG100 3000k. Now I am unsure of how to actually set the grow up. Start the veg with just the HLG65 and then add the HLG100 a couple weeks after? Or start with both right away? Should I seperate them a bit and place the plants in between of the boards and hope to mix spectrums or should I place them directly under the boards and switch them off every week? Any good suggestions? Any one done this? My grow space is wrapped around reflective mylar if that matters.
  2. Run the 4K the first week or two. When the plants get good strong stems and good leaf structure the add the other light(s). Can't hardly have 2 much light. Light equals weight.
    As far as the auto, it will have to have 20/4 cycle until it finishes or it will be a waste.
    You would have to veg for 90+ days....You would have a tree.
    Just do one at a time, one will fill the 3x3 up. Keep tying the limbs over and remember when you go to 12/12 it will almost double in size during the stretch.

    HD's .02 worth
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  3. I concur. Or you can start the auto first and start the photo halfway through.... that’s what I do in my big tent. Helps scoot the perpetual harvest along. But I run two spaces I have a box for autos only
    And then my tent I start a couple autos a month in I start photos in the back of the tent and by the time my autos done I can flip my photos.
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  4. I think this is what am I am going to end up doing!
  5. That’s a really good idea! I’m going to work some autos into my perpetual grow. I might do the same
  6. It works really well actually. Im starting to produce quite a bit very quickly now. Between my autos in the photo tent. The autos in my auto box and the photos the system is producing well.
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