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  1. hello,

    I’ve just recently made the switch to start growing indoors in a 2x4x5 tent. I’m looking to grow 2-3 plants at a time.
    I’m looking at using the quantum board from start to finish if possible. It’s 3000k and on a dimmer what heights/power should I keep it at from seed all the way to flower?
    I’ve been searching these forums and haven’t been able to come up with anything.

    I currently have these lights:
    240W Quantum Board LED Grow Light - Samsung LM301B Diodes

    2000 Watt LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum UV IR COB Series Plant Grow Lamp, with Daisy Chain, Veg and Bloom Switch, for Hydroponic Greenhouse Indoor Plant Veg and Flower

    VIVOSUN 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Veg and Flowering
  2. @Tbone Shuffle is the man to talk with when it comes to qb's

    I'm sure he will help guide you in the right direction once he has some free time
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  3. Just so you know the true wattage of the vivo sun led is 135 not 300. Don't even fuck with those blurple lights.

    Horticulture lighting group gives you the true wattage. A bit of do it yourself work but after the first time you realize it is easier than you thought. Also the grows I have seen are very impressive. I was about to go with the typical hid light. Luckily i started seeing these and was the first time I believed LED comparable to HIDs.
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  4. Bro ham.

    Mind sharing you setup?
    I’m looking at some alibaba leds and trying to figure out what to do.

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    When it comes to lights you get what you pay for. The Alibaba ones are Chinese versions. Don't get me wrong though still see some great grows with those.

    For my set up 5x5 running two saber 100s and two qb 96v2 elites. Two more will be ordering two more soonish. The 96s in the middle total of 4 and 100s on each side. If temps allow will be adding one more 100 in between the 96s. I like how the saber 100s are 4ft long bars.

    Running deep water culture but not likeling the pump I have. 4 outlet aqua air will be getting vivosun 35w pump.
  6. You can pick up the 240w HLG clones from Alibaba for about 160 with shipping.

    I order one and it arrived about 4 days later, no regrets.

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  7. are those 'clones' using the REAL Samsung lm301b chip or the whole board is a copycat?
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