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  1. i know prices vary based on where you live, but if the prices are about the same,would you rather

    an oz of some blazin regs?
    or a 1/4 of some hydro?

    ive always gone for the oz, i figure more is better....am i missing something?
  2. Quality over quantity, always.
  3. i hear you ...but why?....they both good...is it really that much of a different high?
  4. Well if you get the ounce of reg, you probably get like 3 grams in seeds and stems. The dank quarter will be like 98% bud and a few light ass stems. They also smell better, taste better, and look better, and the super dank gets you high off 1 hit. The high usually lasts longer too.
  5. Definitely quality over quantity, every time. As for why, my main dealer gives me ten dollar grams of small nugs, really dense and super chron. I have a pretty built up tolerance and one bowl of it is way better then 2 or 3 bowls from any of my other dealers that give me around 1.2-1.5 tens. So even though you're getting more weed of lower quality, you're gonna have to smoke more of it to be as high as you would from the high quality product.
    But damn I would definitely want an ounce over a 1/4 haha :smoke:
  6. It depends on how you're smoking it. I'd get some decent regs if I was in a joints mood over the straight fire for sure. Bowl-for-bowl, though, fire wins!
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    down here in south Texas prices are ridiculously cheap. my lil bro picked up a QP for $30 bout an hour ago I shit you not. and it's not bad like you would assume, nice greens with orange hairs and very little seeds, not some bunk ass bobby brown lol. and dro is always $20 or $25 a G down here unless you have a badass hookup, actually when a friend of ours comes down from San Antonio then we get like $15 a G, $50 an 1/8 but he doesn't come down often
  8. You'll be gettin' high longer if you go with the dank. It's an adage for a reason. :cool:
  9. I'd be fine with either, I mean with an oz you can roll ~14 blunts, but with the q you could get ~14 bowls (my bubbler packs a .5 nicely)
  10. Quality. I can take 2 hits and be set for a good few hrs. As opposed to a single bowl and be good.
  11. Your brother got a quarter pound for $30? Smh.
  12. Quantity is really good for looking "Cool" with your school friends.
    Quality is when you're over that shit.
  13. I've recently started going with quality over quantity and it's great.
  14. Would u rather

    fuck 10 ugly fat chicks? Or 2 hot chicks?

    10 keystone lights? Or 3 heinekens?

    10 microwavable cheeseburgers? 2 bomb ass resteraunt burgers?

    10 shots of the plastic bottle vodka? 2 shots of some grey goose/ketel 1?

    Punch a guy 10x in the arm? Or 1 in the face?

    Quality over quantity for me
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    yup. $30. and it's pretty good. I've seen bad shwag just an hour away in kingsville, nasty brown bud and skimpy bags lol. people don't believe the quality of reggie down here, of course some shit is seedapalooza, but majority of it is pretty good. the schwag is better in south Texas than the rest of Texas cause people are too scared to run it passed the checkpoint by kingsville.
  16. If you're lookin to smoke this shit yourself, then definitely quality. If you just wanna make bank, get the zip.
  17. I'm right there with you. But if I have an opportunity to get some stuff that destroys me in one hit instead of 10, the 1/4 will be worth it.

    But personally I prefer to get the quantity of cheaper stuff and then enhancing it with Keif or Hash.

    My delivery service has 1/8s from $35-60 so I usually just pick the cheapest unless I have a coupon...it's all medical quality anyway.

  18. Dude you realise you just said you got 4 ounces roughly for 30 dollars :/
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    yes I know what I said, I figured after two lengthy posts I would have gotten my point across but apparently not. this $30 qp deal doesn't come around alot, usually a qp is like $60, if that helps you understand lol
  20. Quantity, i have a low tolerance, 1 hit from good weed gets me uncomftorably high, ive never had mids though, ive always had good weed, that i get for $5 a gram

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