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quantity over quality?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 545, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Yeah so I've just moved back to Chi---town from mexico

    I learned pot culture and smoking in mexico

    2 start out w/ pot is a whole lot cheaper over there
    but you are not able to pick out the strains or arn't able to get popular strains as easy as you want unless if your buying like 30 or 40 dollars and more(which is a lot! With around 15 dollars you get 16 grams or even more)

    so yeah iv been like here for a few weeks, i bought some with a friend the first day i got here i got a g for 20 which when i first saw it i was really disappointed but after i smoked it i felt a little better because the weed was skunky & fresh as fuck, a lot fresher then the shit from mexico
    it didnt fuck me up as much but good shit i really liked the high

    But whats up?? what would you guys say is better for you quantity or quality??
  2. Quality over quantity EVERY time. Bad weed is just not worth smoking. And if I don't have good weed, I just don't smoke.
  3. as long as its not swag id say quantity. It really depends though.
  4. Sometimes it depends what kinda mood I'm in..

    But usually I say quality it tastes and smells so much better and usually had a better and longer high.
  5. Quality.
  6. It could also be ignorance though. When I lived in LA, my neighbors and other people I knew would smoke the really cheap schwagg that you get for 25 a half zip. They would say things at first like why would you pay 20 bucks for a single gram, within weeks they completely stopped smoking schwagg.
  7. would you guys seriously just get high 2 or 3 afternoons when with the same price get all your friends fucked up for 5 or 6 afternoons??
  8. depends if i'm tight on cash.

    If i only have 20 bucks to spend on weed, and i can choose to get a half zip of schwag or a gram of good shit, i'd probably go with the half zip, because come on, if i get the gram i'm gonna be out of weed in like 2 days.

    If i have a little bit of cash, quality EVERY TIME
  9. i feel what your saying it like has to be a mix of both
  10. Because the high is just overall nicer. If I smoke reggie I'll get a headache, and plus it doesn't have any medicinal benefits. The cost doesn't reflect the value for dank, prohibition is what makes it expensive. If you started growing weed on your own in mexico, you could be paying pennies per gram for amazing dank.
  11. My friends get themselves fucked up then we all
    get fucked up together.

    Don't need to shout anyone else.

  12. What I don't understand is why don't they pull out the males and pay a little more attention to their weed? I mean, they could charge more...
  13. ^Yes.
  14. QFT. Always take quality over quantity.
  15. The real bud elitists will always say quality over quantity, "nothing goes in these lungs if its not dank!"

    to me, thats just retarded talk, because theres alot of good stuff, that is no where near dank, out there.

    if you're a daily smoker like me, without an income that allows you to buy ounces of dank every week(also me) then if you can find a connect to get decent regs or mids, then go for it.

    I have access to basically any kind of weed I want, and it comes down to this..

    if I have 100 bucks, I can get a quarter of dank, or an ounce of regs.. and the regs I get are decent, a bit seedy but good bud, no headaches or anything.

    so for me, it's obvious, an ounce of regs is going to last me a lot longer than that 1/4 of dank.

    also to be honest, I'm one of the few people that actual enjoy the ritual of smoking, far more than I enjoy being high.

    it's weird I know, but I'm one of those people where if you come over to smoke with me, we're smoking consistantly until you leave. I smoke ALOT, so regs and mids make it easier cuz I can obviously get much more weight for a much cheaper price..

    so I guess all in all, it's what you like... If you want to take 2 hits, and be wrecked, then so be it. But if you're like me and enjoy smoking in itself, get some decent regs or something, it just ends up making things much more fun. You can get a good amount of regs and roll like 2 blunts,3 Js, and then take bong rips into the sunset, and be soooo blazed, and have alot more fun smoking it.
  16. weed grows on its own in some parts of mexico, all they proply do is cut it up and transport and sell in other areas weed doesnt grow

    iv got some cousins that have always had weed plants growing in their backyard and they get fucked up from them and my uncles are still getting fucked up from those weed plants that keep growing
  17. Yeah man finally someone who understands me! I've find it hard to explain but getting stoned or fucked up outta my mind isnt what makes me enjoy, i mean if i wanted to get fucked up i would drink
    but if i would want to enjoy my time and freedom i would smoke for a month or two stright enjoying everyday
    I would just have to find some good shit to be able to smoke everyday or just start growing :)
  18. It's easier to just let it grow and sell mass bulk with little labor involved in the tending. Much of the low grade stuff from Mexico is half feral as it is; it grows all over the place with or without human intervention in some parts.

  19. This

    BTW the weed in your avatar looks delicious. Did you grow that shit or just get it off the internet?

    If you took that photo, i definitely wanna come smoke at your place:D
  20. Thanks. It's mine. There are links to more bud porn in my sig.

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