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Quantity of w33d

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by hemplover, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Can somebody do me a favor and photograph me how 2 grams of weed looks like compare to a kingsize papers or lighter. Thanks. Stay high

    Im not a cop I just wanna be informed and well educated how weed looks like bcs in city where I live I get ripped off everytime
  2. Invest in a digital scale, and thank me later.
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  3. But dude i need to spend $30 to get me 2 grams bcs i get ripped off. If you can help then help if you can't don't comment
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  5. Haha renegade seen too many of these posts today?

    Get a scale man!!! You gonna be smoking fo the rest of yo life.

    Here! I'll help you!

    Buy a ;
    1. Scale
    2. Grinder
    3. Pipe bowl bong

    Don't get the lowest grade shit because YET again yo gonna be smoking fo the rest of yo life!!!

    Buy an American made piece of glass. From an American company that is located in the United States of America

    Buy a santa Cruz shredder or anything comparable in that price range. Sharpstones suck get something else. They are high in price for their name.

    Scales really don't matter I still have my first scale that is 15 years old now, same batteries too I think. Buy a scale that goes to the 10th of a gram, example , 0.00. NOT a 0.0 scale. I have a 15$ one that works great.

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  6. Far..., far to many... :bang:
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  7. If you aren't smart enough to get a scale then you aren't smart enough to know what two grams of ganja looks like. You're getting ripped off like most scrubs do because you lack the intelegence to buy a scale.

    I would recommend you look up on the net on making a scale and use change as weight. But again, if you aren't smart enough to get a scale and realize that it will fix your issue, then there is no fucking way you'll be able to throw a scale together.

    you can lead a horse to water but regardless how thirsty that bastard is, you can't make him take a drink. I'm sure you're trying to figure out where I'm going with this.... The stubborn horse is you OP..... The horse is you.....
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  9. sounds exactly like what a cop would say! :cop:
  10. I get first dibs on his sneakers. And if he has any gloves on I want those too
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  11. Guys here's a out of focus picture of my weed, rate it and tell me how much it weighs and what the strain is :ey::goodnight:
  12. KIMG0187.JPG

    I dropped an mnm in my bong and I don't know how to get it out?

    Can you see it?
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  13. Problem is, weed is different most of the time. It depends on density of buds, how it was cured, strain, etc.
    2 grams can look like a decent amount or a little amount based on these factors.
    Good luck and stay high.
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  14. Thanks for replies and thanks @Chocu1a for educating me.
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  15. Heres 2 grams 1500860459586.jpg
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  16. I learned a lot from you guys, now I have my own weed and nobody's gonna screw me again...

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  17. Good job. But now you tell me what two grams looks like.
  18. A lot to learn in this thread indeeeeedy
  19. If you don't have $20 to invest in a scale you don't have $30 to buy 2 grams

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