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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bpc1331, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I cannot tell quality of bud worth crap, could anybody tell me if the quality of this is bad or good or avg. if I get any closer it get blurry so this is the best since I don't own a actual camera.


    image.jpg image.jpg
  2. It looks decent man does it have a strong smell?
  3. Yeah, not super stong but still smells enough when I take it out the jar
  4. Smoke it and find out
  5. Tried and true method of assessing weed quality!
  6. Looks like it could either be some pretty dank buds or some really good mids by the way that one nug on the left looks. It looks compressed and has like 4 nugs squashed together. Does it taste good? Or does it taste like chemicals? Does it make noise when you smoke it? If you smoked out of glass, what color is the ash?
  7. I've smoked and get high in one bowl , but is know I have low tolerance which is why I can't tell if quality or not,

    as for burn first burn it turns dark but if I keep burning it eventually turns white,

    as for taste herby like most other weed.

    And as for the compression that's from me (sorry) cause before I smoked some of it it wouldn't all fit in the bag in the mason jar(very small jar) so I had to kinda squeez it in.

    I kinda figured about the big nig but didn't wanna risk it and break the nug cause like me whole before I grind for smoke

    And It's been in there for a while cause I had to start (out of nowhere) prepping for a job and could not smoke as much because of a possible drug test.
  8. Sounds pretty good for the most part man. I can't smoke it, (obviously) but from the description you gave it appears to be pretty decent bud. Enjoy.
  9. Thanks
  10. Looks like reggie. And when I say reggie I mean low grade to mid grade.
  11. This looks indoor to me. Because it is so dense looking. 
    Those orange hairs all over it? Is a good sign the herb is a very good quality. 
    Just by eyeballing this, I would say it's probably very good. Even to someone with a high tolerance. 
    If it was a strong sweet like smell to it, also clear sign the herb is decent. 
    Also just by looking at it, you can tell it is fairly decent. 
    If it was bad quality weed, there would be no orange hairs, the herb would be less dense, and it would probably be a darker green. Most of the outdoor I purchase is always bad quality. So don't think you got ripped off. This is average
  12. Looks like some quality weed to me! Smoke it up  :smoking:
  13. You know, I just looked at what I was smoking and then looked at yours again. 
    Is yours a type of sour diesel? Do you know the strain type of what you have?
  14. Honestly no idea whatsoever about the strain, just asked the guy for some and this is what I got , just curious as to quality, if it is sour d that'll be awesome doh
  15. How much did you end up paying?

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  16. Not that cheap came at 110 a quarter, and that's what's left of the 2 quaters I bought
  17. The ash is a big factor in quality the quicker the ash turns white the better the flushing of the chemicals out of the plant was, thus the better it will taste and the healthier it will be.
  18. So half oz was 220???!!!!???!! Man that sucks were you live, that should be some premium shit.
  19. Looks good, but ya gotta smoke it to know for sure.

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