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Quality vs. Quantity

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LemonStoned, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Would you rather buy a lot of decent middies, or less dank?
  2. Less dank FTW.

    Always quality > quantity.
  3. I completely agree. Dank all the way.
  4. Depends honestly on what your using to smoke. If its vap/bong/spoon, dank for sure. blunts and joints, i like to stick to the mids.
  5. Couldn't get schwag if I wanted without a lot of hassle, so good bud by virtue and default
  6. this,

  7. Why would you want to though?
  8. Quantity of quality.

    Anyways, to answer the question, I would buy a lesser quantity of dank.
  9. this for sure

    mids in blunts aint that bad, seems like dank in them can be a waste sometimes
  10. Four years ago when I started smoking, I smoked nothing but regs and mids cus that's all I knew. After my first bowl of dank I was hooked. For me it's quality over quantity all day. I think a half slice ($30) of dank nug will get you just as high as a quarter of regs ($30).
  11. people say get dank instead of mids or beasters but honestly i would rather have a o of beasters then a half zip of dank (unless i wanted a sativa or good hybrid) im perfectly happy with beasters i still get really high on a little since i dont have much of a tolerence and i always have a better high on beasters/mids imo. whenever i smoke high mids or beasters i have a little bit more of a energetic high i guess but when i smoke dank indica i just feel like a zombie lol. dank is just too expensive anyways unless i want alittle sativa then its money well spent. mabye when i start making better money i can start trying different indica strains but until that day comes ill be perfectly happy with beasters
  12. Quality muafuckazz
  13. What ever you want really. I go back and forth every month or so
  14. if I had been buying a lot of half slices of dank lately to pack into bubs/spoons, I'd probably take the quality to roll a nice blunt or spliff, and vice versa if I had mersh/greenbud a lot recently
  15. for me it depends. sometimes im not really trying to get high, just enjoy the act of smoking. for that i would op for quantity.

    im if im smoking for the high, then dank.

  16. you don't always smoke to get high? lol
  17. a g of dank, the rest of your money on mids.
    this is good advice.
  18. depends what my dollar trees are lookin like

    if i plan on blazing joints, i will not use chron

    i like chronic from a bong
  19. quantity for broke.

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