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  1. So there's a bunch of companies that make cheap grow tents for under $170 on Amazon.

    Vivosun, Ipower, Growtent garden, LAgarden, Apollo Horticulture, Lighthouse..

    Anyone have personal experiances with these brands? Most reviews for all of them seem ok. Most most complaints are weak zippers, cheap threads, and light lose through zipper..

    Want to buy 2 5x5s.. Any recommendations?
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  2. I have 2 4x4 vivosuns and theyre great strong zippers and good inside double fabric to keep light out. Also have 2x3 fusionhut thats great!

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  3. Thanks, im looking at the Apollo model. Seems just slightly better then the vivos from YouTube reviews. In a 4x4, if I want to purchase marshydro 600s or the marshydro reflector 96 model, how many would I need? 2? Someone wrote they use 4 but I thinks that's 2 much..
  4. Im using 3 300s and a 600w in my 4x4. And getting good results 2 should suffice

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  5. What's
    What's your take on the marshydro reflector 96 compared to the 600 unit?
  6. I'm reading that's the MARS 2 900 model is enough for a 4x4.. Not sure though.
  7. Im getting 3 tents. Each tent has a $1000 budget. The tent, filter and fan that I want comes to around $350-400 dollars. Leaving me with around 500 for lights on a 4x4. Trying to figure out best option for lights atm.. From everything I've gathered, upgrading to next tier = like $500 per light and 1 might not be enough. So maybe I'm just stuck at an optimal setup for an $700 build.
  8. If you don't mind me piggy backing your post I'm curious has anyone ever actually done a side by side comparison between one of these tents and a gorilla ? Trying to decide on one as well and I'm curious what a 400 tent has to offer that a vivosun doesn't. What's the deal with the IR blocker for stealth in the gorilla. Is that just a gimmick or is it really worth it to prevent any noticeable overhead tracking (if that would ever even happen for a small 4x4 grow op But who knows)

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  9. Only if your tent is outside. Otherwise it's a gimmick.

    I was a click away from getting gorilla but something told me to hold off and do more research.
    This is what I've gathered..

    Gorilla is by far superior in practically every espect.. So the question is.. Is all that extra quality worth it?

    On amazon, Gorilla tents are only 3 star while the majority of $150 tents are 4+ stars. They also have far more reviews but that doesn't matter really.

    If you read the reviews for Gorilla, you notice petty crap complaints like the zipper doesn't move as smooth as butter on a pan..

    So it seems to me that people buy gorilla with a certain expectation that doesn't pan out ultimately simply because the product might be better quality but not much more benefit..

    That's why I'm looking at either Apollo or Vivoson.. For $150, you might have a crap zipper and the not the most sturdy skeleton but for its purpose, yoy end up getting more for your buck..

    Or just get the gorilla and not worry about quality.. Its a garantee..
  10. I've used an Apollo for over three years, seems fine. Yeah, zipper can be a pain as it can catch the shielding from behind.. but I think that's probably true of any, all of them.

    Re: lighting.... it's Key!!! I suggest you go to YouTube, google Growmau5 and start to look at his videos. Lot to learn but a blurple Mars 900 ain't gonna cut it. I use Cree cxb3500's but these new quantum boards might be the way to go. I have a Mars 1200 that I bought when I first was getting into it.. full spectrum led like Cree, etc gives results that are superior, imo.

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  11. So a mars 1200 is enough for a 4x4?
  12. Problem with say a Mars 1200 is coverage... due to size of box it's contained in out at the borders of the tent you're not going much light... so you can raise it, but then the penetration is weaker.

    So to answer your question... ehhh, maybe. To be honest, if you're going to go that route, 4 smaller units would be much better. I always run 4 in DWC in my tent (flower only, I veg separately) and I may have a small indicts in one spot and can have a tall sativa in another corner... I like the ability to adjust light heights. I.e. I'm currently running a small northern lights, a fairly large Chocolope, a wifi kush and a Tall Holy Grail Kush. With my homemade Cree fixtures I have them all at different heights.

    P. S. Defoliate regularly to get light into your canopy. You don't want Larfy buds...

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  13. How about 2 Mars 600s? Should create move even light and the watts don't change..
  14. I have no experience with leds but I read a lot of post and journals. It defiantly seems the general conception is 2 600 is better than 1 1200.

    I'm in a lighthouse, got the 4x4 for £100. It's cheap and o wouldn't buy it again. Lots of pinhole leaks around the exhaust ports. The thing on the zipper broke had to put a keychain onit. Basically got a few blankets over it to help.
    But this is the lighthouse basic, they have a pro version which is ment to be better but I have never seen one. So I'd cross light house of the list for sure!

    Good luck
  15. Thanks. That helps me.. yea, 2 600s seem better then 1 1200 because of light spread.. a bit more par with same wattage. I'm just trying to figure out best LED combo for $600 that can veg and flower. Maybe 4 Mars reflector 96s.. idk.. lol
  16. Yeah that's basicly it, 2 600 same power but better light coverage. As long as you get at least 600w In those 4x4 you'll be at optimal output, of course going up to 1000 is better but we can work our way up can't we :D. I'm useing 600 hps atm in a 4x4. I wish I had your space and budget. I'm working on getting a second for veg but that's still work in progress at the minute.
    I will defiantly upgrade to led's next year when I can get more funds. I've been looking (briefly) at Cree & cob setups. There's a member on gc forums called tboneshuffle who put me on to them, he seems to know his shit. I know absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of growing but they do look to me like the future of lighting!

    Anyway whatever you go with I'm sure you'll be happy. 3 tents will be PRODUCING!

    Good luck!
  17. 4x8 is a better layout for most lighting systems. I would consider 4x8 instead of 5x5. Many lights cover 4' pretty easily but stretching the coverage to 5' results in very low light areas towards the edge.

    If I had some cash for setup and I wanted to click the order button on bloom led lighting for a 4x8 right now you could do a lot worse then a spectrum king 400 in each 4x4 area. I'm not sure how many prebuilt lights are better right now no matter what you want to spend.
  18. Yea that's true. I'll end up getting 3 4x4s. Just don't know what combo of lights to get to have good veg to flower..

    I was thinking 2 Mars 600s and 1 Mars reflector 96 per tent.. or maybe 4 reflector 96s.. idk. Lol. This is my last problem to solve before purchasing. The most effective 600$ combo of LED lights...
  19. If you can swing the bother trying to wait for stock the quantum boards are amazing. I just set up my qb260 and it looks like the sun. I've never seen an led this bright for the wattage. I only paid $307 with shipping for it. It would take 2 for each 4x4.

    I think 2 mars 600's is a good setup for a 4x4. If I was going to run mars though I would much rather have a pro series epistar320 per 4x4. It's a much better light. The mars II series lights had reliability issues.

    My buddy runs mars 1200 for flower and 400 for veg. I've seen what they can do. I also run platinum for flower and california lightworks for veg. I have done almost 2 years of spare time led research. If I was putting together a new setup today with leds I would only go with QB panels, spectrum king, or vero29, citizen, cree cobs. Even if I had to piece together my operation one light at a time and slowly expand the grow as I added more lights. I would rather do that then settle for lower quality leds. That's just me though. Many people do well with them.

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