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Quality or quantity?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ohio Grassroots, May 21, 2010.

  1. would you rather have $100 worth of mids or a $100 worth of kind bud?
  2. about quality, in quantity hahaha, no to answer, id rather have 10 g's of dank for 100 than whatever imma get in mids
  3. Quality. No matter how short i am on money i still buy quality.

    So 100 of KB for sure.
  4. Quality is better for quantity also. Takes less to get high, therefore you use less ;)

    Eg. You can buy 1g of dank, and get blazed off of .2 of it 5 times.
  5. Quantity. I would much rather have an ounce of mid guaranteed to last me more then a week and a half of smoking whenever with whoever. Around here KB is typically just beasters that have had the keif beaten out before export from canada, so when I do buy quality I tend to buy headies from california. KB (the shitty kind I mentioned) around here is seedless with an alright smell, but the high is not that much better then the seeded mexican. Often the mexican even has a better high and taste then the "KB" does. I would much rather have a half of some good bud with seeds for 60 bucks rather then an eighth of some bland seedless pot for $45.
  6. Quality, a good comparison can be drawn with alcohol here. Wouldn't you much prefer to drink the finest bottle of white wine or whisky, over a can of the most disgusting beer you can imagine (white ace, cider, for example, if you Americans know about it).
    I'd much prefer to smoke a joint of the nicest stuff, instead of just piling disgusting tasting shwag into lots of joints and it not getting me high...
  7. IMO it depends on what you are doing with the bud...

    For instance I cringe when I roll up good bud... I prefer to only roll up lower end weed. But that's just me because I feel like joints/blunts waste weed... so why waste good weed?

    If I was going to be using a bong, I'd have the quality.

  8. He didn't say the worst bud ever he said mids... not "shwag"

    For myself probably quantity since I haven't smoke at all recently and it would last me for a long time.
  9. I believe it all depends....if you don't smoke that often quantity may be better for you. Another factor is simply HOW you smoke it. For example a 2g joint gets you fairly high...BUT a 1g bong bowl can get you pretty messed up too if your used to joints. So having MORE bud may be better for you. However if you a fairly recreational smoker then good bud is ALWAYS better:)

  10. If a 2g joint only gets you fairly high then your doing something very wrong. Usually my joints are like .8-1g. Always gets me very high and i've been smoking everyday for about a year now.

  11. gotta keep in mind peoples natural tolerance and their pot head tolerance or maybe they just cant get as good as you man location can be a bitch hahaha. I defs have friends in other states then end up smoking twice the quantity of their dank as i do mine here.... Mostly cause they just cant get as good, not their fault.
  12. It depends. I know a lot of people that prefer danks, but whenever I have bud I like to share with everyone and not be so tight with it. For that reason I usually gt mids. Lately I've only had about $20 a week for bud, so an eighth of mids goes a lot farther than a g of danks. Sure I could prob get myself high every night for a week with a g of dank, but I wouldn't be able to smoke my friends up or anything...and that takes a lot of fun out of it.

  13. I was baseing that off a joint thats being passed tolerance isnt that high yet...which is JUST the way i like it xD its cheaper that way:p

  14. o ok i was just like a 2g joint not getting you that high, i'd be fried hahaha. And yeah definitely enjoy the low tolerance man saves you so much money. I really don't have that high of a tolerance like its not high but its not low. Have fun my man!
  15. If im home, where i have my piece, quality. If im at school, where its blunts everyday, quantity :smoking:
  16. Isn't that the truth. Like 2 weeks ago I had a gram of upper mids that I put in a blunt. Jesus, half way down the blunt I was smaked (i have very low tolerence so maybe that's why I got so high). Three weeks before this I had some KB with 2 other guys. Not only did we get it down to the roach, but we put the roach in a bottle. I was high, but not as high as the mids.

    To the OP, I use to think quality was better, but i'd have to say quantity now. More weed, lasts longer (depending on how you smoke).
  17. I'd go for the quality in most cases
  18. I do both I dont buy the cheapest mids on the market nor the best buds i can find i buy the shit in the middle
  19. Quality BIG Time. That way you get higher with less bud which means less smoke which means less fucking up your lungs.
  20. is the quality usually based on how high a given amount gets you?

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