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Quality or Quantity poll

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluntedbravo, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. i did a search for this and found no thread regarding quality vs quantity. Would you rather pay less for more? or spend the extra cash for the more potent bud? So what are your opinions... this goes for mids vs kb and kb vs headies... so what are u waiting for? VOTE!
  2. quality all the way.
    the higher the quality the higher you get
    you can have a lot of some average stuff...
    but it'll take you less of the better stuff to get you to the same high

    there are endless reasons why'd i'd choose quality over quanity.
    plus i think quanity is just better for blunts and jays.
    i just toke out of spoons and bongs
  3. I would rather take a fat rip of dank than smoke a blunt to my head of schmiddy grade.
  4. all depends on the occassion. the only way i would pick mids over dank is if i already had some dank and i wanted to roll a bunch of blunts.
  5. Quality over quantity any day. I rather smoke the best bud than have a lot of medicore bud
  6. Schwagg = blunts and j's

    Dank = Bowls
  7. precisely
  8. #8 gloppypop, Aug 10, 2008
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    Either one - depends on the situation.

    Quantity when I'm smokin blunts with a group or when I'm broke and need some weed to last.

    Quality when it's just me smokin.

    I'll smoke a joint or a blunt of dank if it's just myself (i'll usually put the blunts out and smoke them in a few sittings).
  9. #9 NJtoker187, Aug 10, 2008
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    Str8 up, quality all the way:smoke::smoke:

    Especially when it's free ;)
  10. Well since im more in bongs now, quality for sure... A little goes a loooong way, and if you have a lot of the quality then its all good :smoke:.


    Blunt fests require large herbtities of mids, and dutchies:smoke::smoke:
  11. Quality in all aspects of life.

    Know Thyself.
  12. quality all the way cuz i dont rely smoke with that many people its usualy just me and 1 or 2 friends but every now and then those massive bluntfest parties with like 6 people is pretty cool too
  13. i get high-grade mids for MUCH cheaper than headies and i love to smoke multiple blunts a day...

    so i guess that answered the question
  14. Qual > Quant

    The trick is getting good prices on headies, and get O's of Cali for 300-350
  15. Quality for sure..
    I don't get high of midgrade at all.. To high of a tolerance.
  16. Money is the biggest factor.
  17. Quality. But, why not both? Find a grower = problem solved. Or grow yourself.

  18. Agree'd And it taste, and smells shittier.

    Quality weed is ALWAYS the way to go.

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