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quality of weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by superjay, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. #1 superjay, Aug 31, 2008
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    hey my fella stonerz out there,
    I scored a few days back and the weed seemed pretty fine to me, that was until i smoked it. The high i got was bullshit and gave me this feeling that i needed to smoke some more to achieve the usual bliss, so i rolled another, but i still had the same burned out feeling. So i rolled another and another till i finally gave up in fustration. I guess the weed i got was total crap. I would like to know how to identify good weed. I do know that quality stuff smells a lot and is sticky but i did roll some that didnt smell quite much but it got me bombed. I also have this feeling that since ive been smokin by brain works a lot slower now and i have difficulty remebering things. Sometimes i have to think hard to find words im looking for, which never happened earlier. I dont know but i feel that weed has made me a lot dumber and to achieve my usual creativity i have to smoke up which makes me feel dependent on it. Ive heard stories of how weed makes you impotent too and im trying really hard to dispose off that as crap. Its hardly been 3 years and im in no mood to quit...someone please shed some light on this!!
  2. Look for crystals and hairs. If the weed has alot of 'em, it's probably good stuff.
  3. ahhh get rid of that shit its the gov't and ppl feeding you bullshit, ive been smoking for bout 8 years now and done alot of research in 8 yrs, it doesnt make you dumber...only temporarily while u are high if anything. and it doesnt make you impotent either it just lowers sperm count some so dont stress on it.

    for good weed, crystals, hairs, strong smell, sticky, and comes in buds, just go to google and search like types of medical marijuana or something even a seed banks website will be your best chance of familiarizing yourself with in general what good weed should look like.
  4. that sounds like some of the same stuff I had on my last pickup, except i'de smoke like 2 bowls and i'de be high but like 20-30minutes later i'de feeling like i gotta smoke more and needless to say, the stuff went pretty quick because of that. It sounds like u prolly got low end mids.

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