Quality of moonshine?

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  1. How can you tell the quality of moonshine from the taste? The moonshine I can get locally tastes reminiscent if corn, even though It does pack a punch. Like corn and rubbing alcohol. I drank a quarter of a water bottle of it on an empty stomach very lightly traced with mtn dew and it didn't get me THAT drunk... I feel like if it was that much tequila I would have been a lot more drunk
  2. Dude I LOVE moonshine..
    I think the answer to your question is pretty obvious, that wasn't very good moonshine. One fuckin sip should get you drink, or at least realllly tipsy. Sounds like you had some very bad quality moonshine
  3. Yea sounds like some low quality shine. I usually get 180 proff and it will put you on your ass. Creeps up on you.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  4. you can check the bead or whatever by shaking it and seeing how big the bubbles are and that'll give you a rough idea of the proof. but you asked about taste
  5. old saying goes "if it burns blue its true"
    old country saying. don't know the science or any other junk behind it. just passing it on.
  6. I had a guy sell me shine once. "I don't cut it with cheap liquor, no water, no bs"

    Sent him a pic the next day of a half frozen jar of shine and asked him if he thought I was stupid.

    Needless to say he didn't reply.
  7. The whole if its blue its true just means theres no lead in it

    Highest proof of moonshine will burn completely invisible.

    Shake the jar, the smaller the bubbles, the higher the proof.
  8. If you can swallow it and not immediately breathe fire like one of Daenerys' dragons...then it is some weak ass shine.
  9. I get it in a jug where i'm from. Never really cared to check the proof, to busy partying with it. That White Lightning will get the party started that's for sure.
  10. Remember to get moonshine off somebody you trust, if they don't know what they are doing you could be blind for life. Moonshine doesn't necessarily have to be strong as the definition of moonshine is alcohol without tax payed on it.
  11. Like everybody els said, a sip or two and your lit. You had the shwag of the shine

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  12. Bigger the bubbles the higher the proof. Smaller bubbles means it's getting closer to foaming. I got a kid down the street that makes killer shine off a recipe his grandfather gave him.
    But yeah, shaking is still the best way to proof it.
  13. I have been known to get those two backwards, but are you sure about that? Im pretty sure I had said bigger was better once and ended up reading an article that said it was the other way around
  14. Okay no it sounds like bigger with a/short duration is the bubbles you want
  15. No its bigger. I used to mix it up to, I forget why, but yeah bigger is better with shine. And the faster it pops too. Slower popping small bubbles means its cut pretty bad. Foaming at the top means it's shit.
  16. Ya i usually look at how quickly they go away. If all the bubbles dissapear in seconds its some high proof. And as for cutting it and shit idk ive made quite a few runs with a buddy so i got to know what pure corn liqour tastes like. We made a few variations expirimenting with rye and other barley and it gave it a distinct difference.
  17. You could get a hydrometer for cheap or probably even make a makeshift one to accurately measure proof.

    Quality, now that comes down to taste. You can have high quality stuff with low proof and low quality high proof.

    Not to mention quality can mean a lot if the person making it does not distill properly

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