Quality Of Keif When Slaying Dragoons

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    I know as you go from dank to schwagm the amount if thc on a bud would decrease but does the Quality?

    Lets Say I had got like 30 pounds of Schwag and i dry iced the keif off of all of it, would a gram of its keif be comparable to a gram of keif shook off some Master Kush?

    My 1st Off Probation. I Slayed The 6 Month Dragoon.! :smoking: <--- This my face ATM

    Sorry this is totally in the wrong forum i meant to post this in apprentice.
  2. im pretty sure the shwagg kief wont be as good as master kush kief, its probably a lower quality kief, but honestly im not 100% sure...
    obviously though like 5 grams of shwag would get you the same ammount of kief as bout 2 grams of masterkush...
    try it out and see?
    congratulations on slayin the drago0n too man! must have been a pretty weedless time hahaha
    did you smoke at all during probation or no?
  3. When I saw this post title what I saw was "slaying dragons" lol

  4. nah I didn't smoke at all, I took it has a 6 month T-break. my tolerance is shit now. which is amazing.

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