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quality help, black weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by confused92, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Im in high school (just turned 18) and weed is relatively expensive, especially good bud which is somewhat difficult to find. I have been smoking for a little over a year and am able to tell the diffrence between dirt and dank. I usually buy mids and beasters, which is really the best i can find. A few days back a friend, i use the word friend loosely, sold me an 1/8th for 40. i was expecting decent mids but got the wierdist stuff ive seen. Its full of seeds, no solid nugs, stems, and is partially black, its not all black but alot of it is really dark and black. However it does have the brown pistil strings and is somewhat sticky with triches and smells like okay weed not chemicals diseal or tar. It might be mexi brick but i live far from the border in the northeast in a very weathly suburban area. The guy that sold me this black weed has in the past ripped people off. He bragged a few months ago about selling a good friend of mine a bag of buds that he put in a bowl partially lit up. So is it possibly that he did the same to my bag cuz of the black? however the black is kinda splotchy and is not soley on the outside of the buds. could it be mold or laced? or is it just mass outdoor schwag from mexico that wasnt properly manicured and handleled? anyone else encounter similar bud?
  2. Sounds like you got ripped off and bought a bag of moldy buds.
  3. i second the thought... pics would help*
  4. try to avoid buying from people who rip others off.

    see we are in a situtation where if we want to get this stuff legalized we have to becareful how we represent ourselves. People who rip people off just make the normal people who smoke weed look bad. (odds are they are the type to get busted often too)

    I have the same issue with half naked girls covered in bud like its some kind of centerfold. That sort of thing should wait til we get some legitamicy behind our cause.
  5. I'm still trying to figure out why you paid $40 for 1/8th of schwag...
  6. phazed u are right.

    BTW, how is Chicago these dayz? I miss it like hell!
  7. I love this "apprentice tokers" section because of shit like this.

    First of, i think your lying. you said you've been smoking for about a year, but if that's true then why would you spend 40$ for shwag, buy from a guy that rips people off, and in general buy weed thats full of seeds and stems.

    Am i the only one here that doubts that this guys been smoking for a year.

    Buddy, if you want help, then be honest.
  8. Still the Windy City.

    Beautiful as ever.

    Secrets is still the best head shop in town.
  9. I used to work at a well known Southern Reconstruction Resturant up there... I miss the city and I miss the bud.
  10. #10 confused92, Aug 12, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2008
    i was buying from a guy who i dont normally do busnass with but my other connections are away and i had no one else, i was supposedly getting mids so i wasnt looking for schwag, i still have 5 gs of good bud left so i wont be smoking this dirt for a while. and i am being honest that i have been smokeing for a little over year if u want specifics i only smoke about 3 times a month so im not a daily smoker. and i will try to upload some pics withing the nxt few days
  11. I can't believe I'm wasting my 600th post on this...

    Why did you give him the money if he showed you a bag of black "marijuana?"
  12. i have no car, he came to me on short notice cuz im away most of summer and came back for only a 2 days, he is how do i say more popular and prob thinks i dont know any better, we were both in a hurry and i didnt look at the bag before i handed him the money(mistake i know) i usually get bud from good friends or family so i dont expect to get ripped off , i just wanna know if this is smokable i will def not be buying form this guy again i am aware of that
  13. I see no reason why OP's lying or anything. I don't know what's wrong with the bud you bought, could be a number of things. Best advice I can give you is to try and find another person to buy from who isn't an asshole or known for ripping people off. Try to take a good look at what you're buying, and if it's something you're unsure about then just don't buy it. Don't worry about insulting a kid or something because their bud sucks; chances are that someone selling weed like that either really doesn't know any better or doesn't care. Cut your losses and learn for the future, shit happens.
  14. #14 xizora, Aug 12, 2008
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    it just sounds like a mistake that anyone who is new to bying could make

    i wouldnt worry about it just don't give him anymore of ur business

    as for the bud, if u can provide a picture it would be much easier to tell what is going on

    but it does sound like really old shwag... whatever u do Don't eat it!
  15. Sounds like you *might* have gotten roach weed. I've known dealers who would sell noobs their roaches because they don't smoke 'em and the weed weighs more because it's resinated. Upload some pics so I can make sure, because it might be something else.
  16. Fool shut up, he said thats bassically all he can get... what u talkin shit for to this guy he juss wanted to know
  17. God, Roach weed? That is nasty!
  18. i think i have some of the same shit its not green at all its brown with black spots on it but it was in bud gets me high still but it smells and taste funny
  19. :confused:

    What's with the attitude man? Everyone including even experienced, long time smokers, get ripped off from time to time.

    You also don't know shit about this guys true situation. Maybe he rarely buys, and mostly smokes up with friends. You need to chill out, that's a real douchebag response there...
  20. bigdubbs is right... u can't know this stuff unless u ask

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