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  1. any fellow blades know about some quality headphones? i've read that the typical bose and beats headphones are merely overpriced. what headphones in the 120 to 200 dollar range would have excellent sound quality?

    i produce electronic music (dubstep, drum and bass, house, etc.) i'm looking for some really quality headphones in that price range because the ones i have are piss poor (one of the ears malfunctioned) and i need to hear crystal clear sound for equalizing/mastering. the ones i have now are koss and probably under 100 dollars that i got about a year ago

  2. Headphone Buying Guide - Head-Fi.org Community

    There's a list for each price range.

    I personally own Sennheiser HD280 pros and they are awesome. But there are some better Sennheisers for under 200.

    If you are serious about producing music, you may want to spend more than 200 dollars on some quality headphones though.
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    that's what i was thinking man. but a lot of research i did led me to believe that some companies are just overpriced for the quality?

    that guide is helpful though, thanks

  4. Which companies in particular?

    Obviously Bose and Beats (as you mentioned) are overpriced. Anything endorsed by a rapper probably is.

    You do pay for quality, but you can't really go wrong with a good brand like Audio-Technica, AKG, Shure, etc.
  5. would you guys definitely recommend investing in headphones over 200?
  6. Well if you are doing it commercially then yes it should be worth it. It's an investment. But other than that, I might limit myself a little.

    PS - Most of the people who listen to your music will NOT have $200-$250 headphones so make sure it doesn't sound like crap on $5 headphones when you're finished. ;)
  7. not trying to advertise but here's my music: Flared's sounds on SoundCloud - Hear the world

    i've already got an EP and i'm in the process of making an LP, i feel that with my less-than-100 dollar koss headphones i was able to do a pretty decent mastering job on each tune but since they're broken it would probably be better to invest in ones that are of superb quality this time around. i've got a decent amount of money from the past two weeks so i think i could afford to buy 200 dollar headphones max
  8. them sennheisers are nice as hell
  9. Yup, agreed. Senns make some good cans, I own a couple of different pair.

    They're not the best for comfort, but also check out Grado cans. Highly rated for the money.

    OP, to answer your question, yes, you can get some very good cans for around the $200 range (my Senn 580s were around that). Sure, you can always spend more than that, but it may realistically be overkill for the application, or pointless without buying additional audiophile-level hardware to help drive high-end gear.

    headphone.com has some good info.

    Good luck.
  10. would you guys recommend ordering online or going somewhere like best buy/radio shack?

  11. online, far more selection and better prices
  12. alright then, what do you guys ultimately suggest for the 200+ range?

    can you guys give me five suggestions max and i'll check them out, order them online?

  13. 200+ is a broad range, what's the maximum you want to pay?
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  15. I've heard good things about those. Definitely a solid purchase, and remember there are always return policies if you don't like them!
  16. The 598s are pretty good.

    I use a pair of audio-technica ATH-m50s for my computer.

    They're so nice.

    With shipping and tax, it was like 170-180 on amazon.
  17. anyone hear good things about koss? the pair i currently have are, as stated before, under a 100 and they didn't last too long. however, i was offered 50 dollars off a higher purchase by koss

  18. I've never really heard much about them. I'd check out head-fi
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    hmm well i've got another question:

    how much does soundcard matter?

    i've got a friend who told me that a better soundcard can increase your hearing performance to get the fullest amount of Hz, and the one i have now is rather standard for my computer but seems to have quite good quality with my new speakers

    he told me that anything over 120-150 dollars would be a waste because i couldn't hear the difference. it's not compatible with my standard soundcard?

    what would make the significant difference between 80 and 150 dollar headphones while using my average soundcard, if this is true?

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