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  1. After I purchase my EQ vape I am going to buying my first bong, I want quality.. well at least as much as I can get for $100. Suggestions?
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    its out of stock and is discontinued. If you want, you can get something from weed star that is better than just a straight. for 100 bucks you can get a double perc bong, which are fun, and now come with open ended perc's.

    Anyone can make a good straight bong since its just.........a straight tube. I couldnt imagine one brand being to much better than the other. the only thing that can very how much more sturdy one is than the other. and if you drop your bong, in all honesty, i feel it just should break lol. No second chances for stoner mistakes =)

    But for shits and giggles, grasscity is working with milano or how ever you spell the brand, to make tube bongs with your name etched into it, only 150. Im going to pick it up when they start doing that. Seems kinda cool, and they said it will be very good quality. Roor quality or better as they put it.
  3. Check on Etsy.

    You can find some great deals on there.
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    Soul Shine Family Glass sells custom worked and made to order clear tubes on ETSY. Cheapest is 65 dollars. Much better quality than most anything else at that price point available anywhere. I always find their stuff by searching "inline" and clicking their name link under one of their inlines.

    Other worthwhile brands that have tubes at or around 100: SYN , ROOR, EHLE, HVY, Migrant, Wicked Sands,Trikky, ____

    If you're thinking of combining your bong and vape, I'd suggest a Wicked Sand tiny tube. They're typically $90 and they have a tiny bore for a sweet-tasting concentrated vapor hit.

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