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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by goku420, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. my family has decided to move to cali this summer and i was wondering if id be eligable for a card. i have back and knee problems due to some high school wrestling injuries and have been put on various painkillers but, pills aren't my thing and im not trying to unintentionally get hooked on them. my doctor here in MA believes in medical marijuana and although he can't give me a prescription for it, he still suggests that i do so, so, i was wondering if it's really that easy for me to just talk to my new doctor in CA and have him take me off all my other meds and prescribe me my long-time friend to finally have legally
  2. Isn't this in a sticky somewhere?


    1) You do not get your recommendation for MJ from your normal doctor. You go to a doctor who specializes in recommending MJ. REASON: They are set up for the proper identification, paperwork and verification required for MMJ. They are also already predisposed to recommending MJ. Your normal doctor: probably not.

    2) Please read the text of Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420, they will tell you everything you need to know about being eligible. Yes, you're probably eligible, but I'm not a doctor. AFAIK neither is anyone else on this board.

    3) If you are planning on moving to California just to get your recommendation, PLEASE DO NOT. Rather, stay where you are and help get MMJ passed in your home state. We really don't need any more transplants.
  3. That's the whole point of having the United States of America. So that you have 50 states to choose from and you live whichever state has the best policies. That's why some states do not have a sales tax and some do. Exactly why some states have medical marijuana and some don't. Gun advocates in states with little gun control. Conservatives can live in "conservative" states and liberals can live in "liberal" states. for example.

    California is a beautiful state and I doubt marijuana is the only reason he is making the move.

    I'm pretty sure it takes a year to gain residency in California and you do need residency to get a recommendation I believe. I do know a guy who is out of state with a California recommendation though...

    Agreed that MA citizens should fight for medical marijuana but if a MA citizen can benefit from medical marijuana and can't get a recommendation from a doctor, then move on over (or to 12 other states) and let cannabis help with your ailments.
  4. You don't have to wait a year to get a recommendation. As long as you have a valid California ID you are fine.

    Also, migration TO California is killing our state's economy. We really, REALLY need people to leave. I was born here though, as was my wife and daughter, so I'm staying!

    Please don't take me seriously though, he's gonna move whether or not some bozo on the internet says he should or shouldn't.

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