Quahoging in February!

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  1. Hey City,

    So last weekend me and a few buddies of mine decided to go do some 'diggin' for some quahogs.... It was a beautiful saturday morning/afternoon out there in the ocean.

    We ended up pulling up around 300 total between 3 guys- not bad considering its winter!

    It was odd- there was a dead deer on the beach.... They swim from one of the islands in the bay to get to the mainland- and some end up drowning..... Poor bastard.....

    Then the DEM tried busting our balls- but quickly found that we had all the essentials to keep him off our ass....

    The best thing was when we were paddling back in- one of the guys had me cut it really close to the shore...

    Well there were a bunch of rocks that we ended up getting stuck on because of the weight of the boat and the wind. We tried to push ourselves to shore- but the wind was too much.

    Finally I said fuck it, took off my boots got in the fridgid 40 degree water and pulled the boat w/one of my friends and gear to shore....

    All in all- a great adventure and dinner for 3 days....

    Some photos (full sized images can be found on my flickr page LINK):






  2. where do you live? that place is beautiful man. florida sucks

    and what's a quahog? i thought that was where the griffins lived...
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    HA- I live in Rhode Island.... Some may not see the beauty in it..... I think its all what you make of it.....

    A quahog is a type of clam- and they are delicious:
  4. That explains all the clam references in Family Guy. The Drunken Clam lol.

    I've always wanted to go up north, but I've just never been.
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    Mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm

    A glorious bounty!

    Ah, that's more like it.

  6. Indeed! :yummy:
  7. Just giving this a bump incase you missed it

  8. pretty cool story man, nothing like that around here.
  9. Please explain what these essentials are?

  10. Enough life jackets to cover all occupants in the boat,making sure we were going to a legal site, & a ring to measure the quahogs.....

    Pretty much it haha......
  11. Nice, thought id ask just in case I was ever presented with the opportunity.
    I do things by the law, and love to stick it to em.

  12. I hear you on that......

    Definately, definately go if you ever have the chance...... Its one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.
  13. This is a very disturbing post to a clam.

    I hope your satisfied!:D
  14. looks delicious

  15. soooooo......what the fuck is this?
  16. Its a dead deer. Never seen this before?

  17. can you even read......

  18. nah. ive never even seen a live one i think.

    text vs pics --- pics win every time.

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