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  1. my plnats are about 8 - 10 inches .....and 6 weeks old....Is time to train them ? Is training them for a week enough before putting them to flower ?
  2. I dont think I am understanding, wouldnt you only train your plants while flowering to expose the bud sites that recieve less light. I guess you can start trainning them if your running out of height space?
  3. I think u have the general idea ....Its all to make those little ones exposed to more light ...But my understanding was that its done before flowering .....Doing this during flowering could just mess things up....I have heard that when flowering is good not to touch those precious ones....

    I will wait for the experts to reply to this
  4. Training is subjective,

    Meaning you can start training when you want, and finish when you want.

    As soon as you can start bending stalks over go ahead, this keeps the lights as close as possible and encourages internodal growth,

    Sometimes I only needed to tie the top over once, and times Ive had to tie many tops on the same plant,

    Training will make a plant bushier so stop when it gets to wide

    once my plants have several tops at the same level I start backing off training and let em go

  5. lmao
  6. i usually have my plants tied doen to train them for the whole flowering process, and even before i trigger them sometimes....if they seem to be needing to bush out more.........Peace out.......Sid
  7. btw DeUs311, didn't mean any offense when i said i'd wait for the experts
  8. today when i looked my plants...on their leaves towards the end of the leaf ...there are some white dots....can someone tell me whether have seen this before?
  9. do you mean the trichomes are starting to show?
  10. I don't know whether they are trochomes or what ...but they are on the leaves ....may be i'm seeing things ...Damn ...
  11. when you see "crystals" you are seeing trichomes
  12. I guess I am seeing them.....

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