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Quad pickup tonight

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by junkie79, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. So I've been working all day for my parents, they are really old now and they are gonna pay me $60 (im out of work right now) plus a bottle of vodka. I was planning on buying a quad of mids or an eighth of some dank,so it's party time at my place tonight! But anyways back to the point, don't you guys love the hour or two of anticipation before the pickup, it always makes me so happy and excited!
  2. nope i hate picking up, im a sketchball. i like when i get to a nice peaceful place and smoke it.
  3. Picked up too many times to think about it now. Call guy up after his day job, swing by to his house, pick up usually a quarter of dank, grind it up and pack a bowl for the drive home.

  4. Yeah, guess what. Im excited right now, im picking some up in a hour :)
  5. Yeah, guess what. Im excited right now, im picking some up in a hour

    I envy you lol, I still gotta wait a few hours, my guy brings it to me :D
  6. I prefer that feeling when I'm walking away with the bud in my pocket, looking forward to a good night. :smoke:
  7. I like 2 things when it comes to picking up. When my guy texts me back within a minute or 2 (complicated car situation right now. When I have access to one I do, but only for a short time. So speed is nice) and when he walks out of his house with a smile on his face. You know it's gonna be dank when he has a smile on his face.
  8. i like when i'm back at my house and don't have to worry about getting pulled over with a qtr in my pocket
  9. I get happy when I HAVE the weed...the only thing I anticipate before getting it is some kind of delay or fuck up on the other end.
    Though when it's with me, secured and at home just waiting...that there is the place I like to be.
  10. I feel ya... My dude usually texts back within a few mins and when he does I know I am literally getting some within the next 15 minutes...
  11. That there sounds like a solid situation.
    My current guy is pretty reliable, but tends to up and change meeting times on ya. Though at least it's not like it used to be with some people..."Yeah getting it in tonight, I'll text you" and leave you hangin' for three days with no information.
    Gotta say despite a few minor annoyances, at least these days I can get it on the day I organise it for - though to make sure I usually hit them up the day prior.
  12. my current guy always tries to rob me when he deals me so na I dont like it
  13. #13 FallenOne08214, Aug 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2012
    My dude lives across the alley. Retired guy that gets a QP for personal use. I just pick up an O from him every month or 2. I love when he calls and says he's good. I'll literally have it in the next 5 minutes. :) since he's not a dealer per se, he cuts me at the price he paid. Less than $65 an O. It took 2 years for us to work up through the chain though. He was just really persistent in finding a good connect.

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