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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jay t bell, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. ok so HPS seems to be the best alrounder but how many lights to how many plants and how much wat + do you need special fittings for these bulbs or can i just use normal light fittings?
  2. HIGH All, I have 7 plants in my room with a 1000w HPS and it's Almost to many.

    No normal light fittings won't work....they need a ballest to run.
  3. are we talking about tube lighting like in offices.
  4. and is your 1000 bulb powerd by youre normal household voltage.sorry forgot my manners thanks for your reply.

  5. they are fluros

  6. they use a ballast to convert household volts into the high volts needed to run it off

  7. how much bud do you want?
  8. ok ive got the lighting thing sorted .i was thinking of around 10 to 15 plants.thanks for all youre replys.jay.
  9. hi unoit hows it.when i asked about 1000 wat hps bulb i was asked if i was trying to light a football stadium.and how much does youre power bill go up powering that baby.thanks again jay.

  10. just say, u need to put a light up that will cover all your car shop at night...
  11. lots
  12. so you reckon i need say a 1000 wat bulb for around 15 plants.
  13. u cant just stick a 1000 wat hps system to grow.. it all depends on the room sizee.. have u seem uniot growing room.. is big..... tell us your space of the room u will be growing in and then i or somebody else can help u out mate...
  14. no i havent seen tha size of unoits room.can isee or get the dimensions.my room is big im just about to measure it up will take some time though.its up and beyond.
  15. i will be able to about 5.5 ft high that will be the hight of the light but width and length is a hell of alot more.

  16. then u dont want a 1k lamp
    more smaller lights is the way to go
  17. ok i get the jist of wat youre saying but where i live i can only find 400 and 1000 wat lights at the mo.its going to take me a while to find different lightt bulbs might even have to import.

  18. HIGH All, yes a 1000w would be great...but...with a 5.5ft HIGH ceiling I'd go with 2 400W and put on 12/12 (flowering) when 12" HIGH, 5.5 Ft ceiling is a little low but doable.
  19. 2x400 is the best plan so far considering we dont know the floorspace.

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