Q's on Hydroponic setup

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Nesquik, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Hey fellow fellas of grasscity- let me begin by saying its a honor.
    I have a couple questions about the setup. I currently decided on purchasing 4x HPS 400W for flowering room, 2x MH 600W for vegging room, and 6x Flouro 40W for cloning. In my flowering room I want to have 9 plants under each light, 36 plants in total, should I up the wattage to 600 or would 400 be enough. I have 2x 3'by6' trays each running in a 30 gallon reservoir each with 1450Lph pumps. Have yet to buy the tubing, if im running one reservoir on 18 plants would a 1/2 inch flow with 1/4 drippers be alright? Also what type of dripper is best suited, .5gallonperhour-1gph-2gph. Also how often should I water and for how long each session. Any suggestions about the setup is appreciated. Thanks fellas. =P
  2. whoops sorry guys didn't know there was a section for hydroponics

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