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  1. i hav 5,6 seeds.. all except one are from regs and the other one a friend gave it to me... its been bout a month or2 ,do seeds go bad? i hav it in a bag but not sealed... also, if i plant seeds from regs, would it yield low quality bud? thx
  2. you can try the seed. I've also done the same and it still sprouts..
    yes the weed will most likely come out cheap....
  3. Its a common myth that if you use "bad" seeds the weed you grow will be bad, when in reality it makes no difference. How good the weed is and how much is produced is based entirely on how you grow it.
  4. As long as they've been kept relatively dry and dark then those seeds should be okay.

    That's not entirely true. Genetics play a large factor in the quality/quantity of bud. However, it is true that with proper care the end result will probably be much better than the original weed the seeds came from. The bagseed grows I did were not at all inferior to the "real" strains from breeders.

  5. thx for the replies... i took a look a0t the seeds, n i found a tiny hole thing, maybe its not a hole, but something that looks like one on the pointy tip of the seed.. wil this stil work u think?
  6. That's probably where the seed was attached to the plant on the inside, perfectly OK if it's what I'm thinking based on your description. Buz is right, genetics is a big factor in the final quality.
  7. I recently popped 20 seeds that were about 2 years old. I bought them from a seed bank (cant remember which one) and just left them on my desk in the paper sleeve they came in. The room went though 2 winters and 2 summers (in australia to so gets quite hot).

    16 out of the 20 have been raised so far with 10 of them quite healthy indeed.

    So yes, you can leave your seeds for quite some time, although I bet if you kept them in a more constant environment, they will likely last longer.

    In terms of quality, absolutely no difference that I can see.

    Hope this helps!!!!


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