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  1. Hey fellow fellas of grasscity- let me begin by saying its a honor.
    I have a couple questions about the setup. I currently decided on purchasing 4x HPS 400W for flowering room, 2x MH 600W for vegging room, and 6x Flouro 40W for cloning. In my flowering room I want to have 9 plants under each light, 36 plants in total, should I up the wattage to 600 or would 400 be enough. I have 2x 3'by6' trays each running in a 30 gallon reservoir each with 1450Lph pumps. Have yet to buy the tubing, if im running one reservoir on 18 plants would a 1/2 inch flow with 1/4 drippers be alright? Also what type of dripper is best suited, .5gallonperhour-1gph-2gph. Also how often should I water and for how long each session. Any suggestions about the setup is appreciated. Thanks fellas. =P
  2. Start small. If you start out with 36 plants you are diving into alot. Start with between 1-5 plants. Questions about how often and how long to water are beginer questions, 36 plants are not for beginers. Here are some links to get you started-

  3. nice future set up please keep us updated when you get it set up :)
  4. Don't listen to them, you are going to be growing a weed, grow as many plants as you can germinate, because that is the hardest part about this whole process. Once they are no longer seedling they grow with no help at all. Just watch your enviornemnt (lights, humidity, air temp, and water temp), and your PH, and Nutrient levels PPM.

    To be successful, all you really have to do is enjoy, and stay interested in growing plants. If this is the case, you will not make mistakes, you will be very interested in all things growing, and you will research and tend your plants well.

    I feel very at peace with my plant and I like tending it, it is something I look forward to every day, and I am cautious about everything I do with it, and if you enjoy growing your cautiousness will be natural.

    Remember it is just a weed, but with hydro if you make a mistake it shows very quickly.
  5. bro.. honestly.. antihippy said most of what I was going to before reading it.. Grow all of them! I started out with that edge of fear, but especially once you do hydro your gonna want MORE plants.. :) Hydro is easy too so don't worry.. just ask if you have any questions.. and bro.. you said that you have res. and tables.. and a pump.. and yet your using drippers? I wouldn't .. I would just throw the pump on a timer to flood the table 3 times a day.. :) it's what I do.. I would also kinda change my flower room to 4x600hps and my veg room to 2x400.. You'd be MUCH happier.. like anti said.. "mistakes" are shown very fast.. actually not mistakes.. it's just the plants sign to you that it needs more or less of something.. Herb growing hydro, especially with flood tables is extremely easy.. Just keep an eye out.. :) and most of the problems you'll have.. we've had.. so just ask..

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