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  1. First timer here. :wave: Trying to figure out the best space & plans for a little indoor gardening project...

    It seems like you have to start out with at least a few plants at a time. Are a few plants enough to stink up the whole house, or does it take a whole room full to make that happen? I'm not trying to be overly ambitious or anything. Just enough for the family medicine cabinet. I was thinking once we sprout a winner, keep it in veg for babies, then flower the babies as needed.

    We want to keep it in a somewhat small area. There's one area that would be great, BUT if the gas company has to come out to our house, we wouldn't want him smelling any plants while he's reading our gas meter. Would 1-5 plants be all that noticeable? Could they be smelled from the adjoining room? Would they stink up the whole house? I don't need my grandma coming over and being all like "What's that smell?!"

    I know people do stealth grows all the time. Is some kind of air filter necessary, or is the smell not really that noticeable with just a couple plants or what? The issue of smell is going to play a large part in where and how I decide to set this up. Some people are just closed minded and so it's easier to keep it all on the down low, know what I'm saying?
  2. one plant could stink up a whole house when in flower or drying. northern lights is a good low odor plant but id still keep a carbon filter in the grow room. also if u go to walmart they have these $13 air purifiers that u plug into the wall socket, you could get a o zone generator or just place regular air purifiers around the house thats what i did i have the walmart ones and they work great, i have plants flowering now and you cant smell them unless i open the tent. hope this helps
  3. Strains vary. Got 6 plants now and all of them piled in. Bathroom is enough to hange the smell.... But I can leave the tent open with out much smell coming out (less then smoking for sure)

    Then again live plants smell more then dried ones, and even an ounce of stank enough to fill a room with smell if not well contained
  4. the smell will be very noticeable, i'd suggest making your own ventilation system because for one the plants will need the air exchanged in the room about every 5 minutes. and two if you are keeping it in a closet or enclosed area so grandma doesn't see/smell them you will need an active vent in the room
  5. Do NOT skimp or take lightly the issue of odor control. Besides loose lips it is a top reason for getting busted. If your serious about this which from your post I gather you are. Please do a little research and do not skimp when it comes to this part of your planning. You can grab one of these for very reasonable price and it will do what you need it to.

    If you don't have the money for it just wait odor control is a necessity, that is if you value your freedom.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! Now I'm off to look at stealth grows which will fit in that space. And I'll be sure to keep the filter as part of the design.

    But if anyone else wants to chime in as to which filters do/don't work well, I'll take that advice as well. Compact and small are features I like for this project.

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