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Discussion in 'General' started by Garcia76, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. During this summer im going to Amsterdam for a while and i was wondering how you buy weed there and the age limit and other stuff like that. For i want a real high from the greatest land in all the world.
  2. u can buy weed from n e coffeeshop with a maximum mont of 5grams at one time. u got 2 b 18 or older to buy weed there. Hope this helps....Happy Tokin:)
  3. hey thanks for the info but how much would 5 grams be around and what do they sell shwag nugs or what?
  4. Go in and ask for a smokers menu. Prices will vary according to quality.

  5. Yup
  6. Why do u wanna buy schwag from Amsterdam for??? that jus puzzles me dude.
  7. true that.... if you want schwag stay in the states. Not worth going to Amsterdam for some Schwag
  8. thank you everybody and about the schwag i didn't know the deal with weed their.

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