QRAZY TRAIN (subcool seeds)

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  1. Just scored some Qrazy train seeds.. germinating now,, has anyone grown this strain before? if so howd you like it? tytyty

  2. Yes it's fairly easy to grow man. 60-63 days is when I pluck her. Shit branches out alot so I do advise topping like Subcool says so you can train those into big branches for big colas and not the small 3-4gram branches that are in abundance

    She doubles height maybe 2.5x's. I hope you got an awesome pheno.

    I loved the high of it, very racy yet still has a nice Indica buzz.

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  3. nice bro,, looks yummy, yea just confirmed a female, cant wait for that,
  4. weird all the pheno's ive found pics of have mainly fan leafs with 7 fingers,,

    mines doing 11's *hoping for the best, :p
  5. glad you have a female dude.

  6. 2 and a half times? How tall did you let them go before you clicked them?
  7. well I've 12/12ed them at 7-8inches and 12-14in.
  8. yea,, she totally had an amazing groth spurt in first 2 and half weeks of 12/12 definatly about 2.5x's lol,, thanks for the heads up on that, worked out good as i planned it with what you had said, :)
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    haha^ I noted down that it's stretch period was over around the end of day 14 since flipping in my notepad. From clone she shoots up, my pheno doesnt seem too good to start 12/12 after rooting a clone, as yield and plant structure suffer.

    I took this today day 37

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    You're looking good, keep doin' it. I may choose this strain to run under 150-200w cfl grow. Maybe more. Keep us posted!
  11. Looks very tasty. Worth a shot.

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