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Qrazy Train Strain Review

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by flameboosie, Mar 24, 2012.

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    PICTURE ^^

    Ok instead of doing numbers and rating parts of the bud I will just discuss it.

    For starters, this bud is beautiful. Solid purple all over the nugs. THC and bright orange hairs all over the bud is great to look at on any strain but especially purp strains. :)

    Smell is very earthy, just that fat skunk smell that when you pull out the sack people instantly know there is some heat in there lol. I pulled it out in the car on the way to play disc golf with some buddies and my friend just goes " dear god " before he had even seen it haha so its pretty stinky!

    The buzz is very soothing. thats the best word to describe. makes your body feel really good and you won't want to do shit except sit there and relax. This isn't the type of bud thats going to rock your ass and have you wondering where your shit is, but one or two bowls of this stuff and you will be on your ass chillin out and feeling good.

    I also have to admit that sometimes although not often, I get anxiety when I smoke, usually I just have to talk myself through it and I will be fine but its like when I worry about something stoned I worry twice as much and with this bud I had nothing making me anxious and for anxiety I think it really helped me!

    So for an indica its a solid A+
  2. These kinds of thread are boring without pics.
  3. Pics please but I like and use this approach to reviews myself. Pics do help for the non-reading types though
  4. Sorry when I tried to upload the attachment it said i already used it on another thread so i had to do it a different way.
  5. Nice! Is the high more sativa dom?

  6. No its a heavy indica. I like to smoke sativas with it too!
  7. Should of make a strain review thread instead of a qrazy train review so everyone can post their bud and review :) Looks like though man.
  8. Grew it a few seasons ago and thought it was too sleepy for me, looks bomb thou
  9. Qrazy Train? Do you have any info on its parents? The buds look veeery tasty, I really like that color on them ;)
  10. Looks tasty

  11. I agree, I was happy to switch back to some sativas
  12. From the TGA website:

    Sex :Regular
    Type :Indica / Sativa
    Flowering :Photoperiod
    Genetics :Hybrid- Train Wreck X Trinity X Purple Urkle X Space Queen
    Flowering Time :Medium, Long
    Outdoor Harvest :8 weeks
    Height :Medium, Tall
    THC Level :
    Characteristics :High type- Strong and pleasant very good for pain relief andrelaxation. Good for treating body pain.​
    TGA Subcool Seeds Qrazy Train
    After the very succesful hybridization of our Black Train Wreck and Jack the Ripper we sat out to create hybrid with the potency that the Black Wreck passes on with the great taste of our Querkle. The resulting offspring are a match made in heaven with equal traits being passed from both parents. The progeny express the best attributes of both contributing parents.The Space Queen provides an underlying fruit smell that rounds the cross out. The cross matures very fast shwoing milky resin heads at day 45 of flowering.Buds are spear shaped with a good calix to leaf ratio.Most of the leaves have been fading and falling off prior to harvest with some leaves turning to the nice burgandy amber fall colors.​
    Taste like Spicy,Skunky with an underlieing Grape fuel that is deep and heavy also hints of Melon and Champagne

    TGA Subcool Seeds Qrazy Train
  13. we need some pics so we know
  14. I don't know about you, but I'm going to need a 1/4 for my own personal tasting. ;)

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