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QP price?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ganjamie, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. I'm sure this is well documented on previous threads, but how much is everybody paying for the QP? (mids)

    Please list area, price, quality

  2. usually around hundy an o and then something like 350 a qp but i had to go through people didnt have the "good" connects mid michigan, not great not bad
  3. its 300 or 1000
  4. Well In Cali if its not Dank, it's shwag, there is no in between. QP Shwag = $125
  5. in between quality weed like this
    should run you around 1k a qp. but things vary from city to city, hookup to hookup, state to state. ie this thread will get you nowhere
  6. 500 - 1200

    Generally 800 for pretty decent KB.
  7. 420 for a qp of mids
    haha 420
  8. $1,600 for a brick of dank. :)
  9. 100 dollars for brick weed
  10. :hello:haha.
  11. $80 for a qp of shwag
    $600 for some beast
    $1000 for dank
  12. I pay 700 for a qp of killer named hydroponics. the way i know its hydro is ive seen the grow op its killer shit usually 1 to 2 hits and your trashed
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    Well I can only get the top shelf fire now, but in my area average qp prices would be:
    Low mids-200-400. High mids-400-500. Beasters-500-600. Kb-600-700. Outdoor headies-700-900. Top shelf fire-900-1200.

    I only smoke dank now. I'd probably be paying 700-900 for the top shelf, premier indoor, but I rarely buy that much at a time.
  14. 800 american

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