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QP pickup.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by zinku418, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Just picked up this bud. 400 for the QP

    another one of my "schwagg" hook-ups. pics aren't the best, but you can clearly see the bud in them so cba to take more. smokes great and has a good citrus scent. tastes like assorted fruits.

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  2. doesnt look like swhag.. looks like some reggie
  3. time to cook some shit up i'd make some butter fuck smokin it
  4. lol, or just smoke it :) I'm no chef.
  5. that doesn't look like schwagg at all, loooks a littke stemmy but i'd definately smoke that up. Although the pics are fucking aweful, so so blurry OP
  6. hopefully this one is better for you Dub

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  7. Haha that good quality pic looks like some of the "dank" people post on here
  8. i know schwagg and thats not it

  9. well the guy i receive this bud from labels it at schwagg prices sometimes people who i pass the bud down to call it schwagg.
  10. not bad buds at all for the price
  11. $400? Jesus! For any quality that's decent!
  12. wtf? 400$ for a QP? where do you live OP?
  13. Good dealio, you could easily bring those buds to Montana and sell them for 600-800/qp. I get some of the best dank in the Treasure State for $700-900/qp... was $700 back in may... then went to 800... now it's 900 after Senate Bill 423 past.
  14. I'd pay 400 a quap for that in a heartbeat
  15. anything with seeds I call schwag. I'd pay 400 for that and make some nice butter
  16. hey man is this schwag? (Burmese Kush x Blue Widow)

    Not trying to thread jack but you can find seeds in dank bud... i found 2 in a half gram bud. Not the bud above of course... that's a nice 1g nug
  17. yeah. i've gotten some hermy dank before that was killer and had seeds!

    but i live in northeast ohio, for whoever was wondering. and recently everytime i return to this guy his merch gets better and better, and the price never changes.

  18. That doesn't look like the bud in the first few pics at all
  19. Good price, for NY standards. Good bud.
  20. This is what I call mids. Shwag will give most headaches, and it looks brown and tastes like poo. That bud looks green. :smoke:

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