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QP pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by schism t00l, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. just some middies :smoke:
    shitty ass cell phone pics



  2. Deadly, what you pay a QP? :smoke::smoke:

    And lets see some close up pics of that shit, outta the bag plz :)

  3. dam. 4 oz of mids. how much u pay for all that??:smoke:
  4. is it me or does that look very short?
  5. 375 in my neck of the woods :hello:
  6. it does..
  7. maybe a quaurter or missing
  8. take it out of the bag and put something next to it for scale. at first i thought it looked like an O of brick until i realized how big the bag was... haha. how much did you pay?
  9. You mean 1/4 a oz. inless he only pictured a little part.

    Take better pics bro, looks preety green
  10. yea it do look a lil short. but hey 375 for a qp of mids is not nad at all. i have to pay almost 450 for a Qp of Mids.
    But hey happy tokin:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  11. also looks short to me, thats the first thing that came to mind, idk what your situation is but if that was handed to me i would ask them to weigh it in front of me
  12. for good comparison in the last pic its on my thigh which is pretty big so yea... its a QP alrite just fat buds :hello:

  13. Gratz on the QP, pics can be decieving that looks like 2.5 oz's to me :X, good looks on buy tho, happy toking

  14. I was thinking the same thing :confused:
  15. +1 to the bag being short, last time I saw my dealer with a full QP it took up nearly 1/3 of a freezer bag
  16. looks like a half oz
  17. Looks like an ounce or two to me, do you have a scale?
  18. god damnit its a fucking QP. weighed and everything.its just in a huge freezer bag and compacted and maybe a few g's missing from it.
  19. lol^^. Get some better pics of them mids. They look so green.
  20. looks like almost a QP to me

    good pickup goodprice

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