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QP of White Widow vs. QP of Purp Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by rallydrift, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I'm looking at new dealers right now and comparing prices for QPs (I smoke about an O a week so buying O's dont really work). One person I have been talking to can get me a QP of White Widow for $800 or a QP of Purple Kush for $700. I personally dont think those are fair prices (200 an O when buying 4o's seems a bit steep to me). Also I'm in Quebec so that could have an effect on the prices. In B.C I was getting QP's of Blueberry Kush for 600-650 so ye. Is 800 for White Widow a decent price? or would Purple Kush for 700 be way better?
  2. Qp of kush runs 800 in my area of ontario. Depending on the quality of each I would choose upon seeing
  3. I'd go with the white widow :smoke:
  4. but its 200 an O
  5. Tell him to let u smoke a bowl or two of each and compare what u like and buy what u like try to get the price dropped by at least $50 for whichever ons u get bif possible
  6. ye shes brining me a g of each tonight or tomorrow on good faith
  7. Wow I want to cry. Your getting qps for 800? And you think thats a bad deal? Holy shit!!!!! Canada really does have good prices
  8. 600-650 for a qp is great!
  9. 800 is a tad high
  10. over here in Pennsylvania a QP runs for about 1k or more.
  11. it should depend on how well each one is grown to what you choose, if you choose either of them
  12. If its legit go with the Purple Kush for sure.
  13. Yeah after you see both, decide if the WW is worth $25 more per ounce.

    I mean all strain names indicate is genetics, not quality, so unless you're a legitimate medical patient and/or looking for a certain high it really doesn't matter.

    Either way though, $200/o is steep as fuck in canada/WA where I am (I've noticed similar prices here) especially when buying a qp. $175/o for a single is alright, but even that's a little pricey if you're buying 4. Just my opinion though, do whatever you want.

    Also, you smoke a ridiculous amount (shit man, $200/week ahah?) so I'd assume you know the ins and outs if buying weed, but going to a new dealer and trying to get a qp right off the bat is sketchy IMO, you're setting yourself up to get jacked. Again, just my opinion, do whatever you want
  14. this ^
    but good luck man. around here in florida, purp would go for 12 easy.
  15. naaah she's my friend and has been to my apt a shit ton of times. + im bringing some friends with me, safety vest and some safety devices (if i dont pick off her)
  16. safety devices wtf? do you mean guns?
  17. no i didnt bring any guns to school with me... guns and drunks dont go well together... probably just a tazer and batons or something
  18. Ugh....a qp where I am can run up to 1400 if u don't know the right people.
  19. Thats like 2 and a half o's in my area, so i would buy that fast as lightening.

    Id get 2 O's of each personally lol

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