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QP of reggie or an O of kush?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Harvmon, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. I have the opportunity to buy a qp of reggie for $175 or I could buy an ounce of kush for $220. I've actually never smoked reggie, not sure what the better deal is. I know for a fact it's not shitty reggie, but I guess it's still reggie... What do you guys think would last the longest? I usually go through about an ounce a month. Thanks guys!

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  2. i'd have to see the "reggie" first but i would likely choose a qp over and oz if it were even close to decent.
  3. Fuck mids. Don't disrespect your lungs with any thing less than good weed.
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  4. If that's how you feel make a qp worth of edibles and live the high life
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  5. My motto is always quality over quantity.
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  6. In my experience kush is rarely 4x stronger than typical mids, money is tight so I usually look at what will last the longest, in this case I'd go for the QP everytime. But if struggling to decide and if it's a option do a combination, get like 2 bags of mids and a half oz of kush.
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  7. Better tip at least 10 in this specific case and follow advice after 3
  8. Making shitty weed into edibles doesn't turn it into good edibles, just shitty weed edibles you'll have to eat a bunch of. Not to mention now you have to do a bunch of cooking.

    Reggie is Reggie, there's no levels to it. Go with the oz of dank.
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  9. Depends on the quality of both the regs and the dank.

    A QP of lime green brick weed that smelled fruity like I used to be able to cop vs a ounce of beasters. I'd go with the reggie.

    A QP of dark brown, mostly stemmed, seeded dirt weed vs an ounce of the most flavorful dank? I'm going with the dank.
  10. "Reggie" vs. "dank"

    Relative terms, my friends
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