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qp of lime green with red hairs in texas

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by letsmokeasweet, May 4, 2011.

  1. my regular guy has been slipping so i went to a new guy and this is what i got.

    its allright. i been smoking mostly dro joints for the last 2 weeks and it still gets me pretty high. i think i would give it a 6.9 on a swag scale. i just wish it didnt have as many stems but for $150 im not complaining. it has a nice fresh smell you smel right away and a ok taist. nothing overwelming.

    plus i might be getting some good soon

    sorry the quality isnt that great i think its time for a new camara lol

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  2. why do people take pictures of this shit? clearly thats some middies, and im not tryna hate or anything but i dont see a point of trying to take macros of some mids that have little to no trichs.

    smoke on tho brotha
  3. I used to live in Texas, thank god I didn't smoke back then lol what area you in ?
  4. Where's the lime green and red hairs? All i see is pictures of dog shit
  5. tht texas schwagg
  6. at least its green, you legal people dont understand mids.
  7. Watchmacallit, stfu.
  8. right? just yesterdya i picked up some borderline dank mids for 50 an oz. only dif was it was compressed. but crystals all throughout and smells tasts great very lime. compared to what people can get even a little green in the bud is a good thing. my first time buying schwag it was brownish grey. now i met someone better who always has the best dank/schwag available.
  9. You my sir got some weed that a Mexican packed into a a bundle as tightly ads he could and hopped it across the boarder. Although I will admit, you got the high end side of that shot.
  10. op never stated it is dank. he said 6.9 on shwag scale. its good for the price id say i see some hairs. sometimes i mids so i can smoke blunt after blunt but usually once and a blue moon thanks for sharing
  11. wow lol i love all yalls negative comments. lol
    but 4 real tho, i paid 150 for a quarter pound of that shit. lol
    how much do you have to pay for a qp?
    i bet half of you never seen a qp in person lol

    i never said it was great weed. some of you look down at our swag, but tell you what, how much is your swag?

    i love swag because i love smoking a big fat blunt and not getting to high to finish it. i have a low tollernce and im glad.
    when i want to get high quick i smoke dro. i would share that with you but how wants to see a picture of a gram or a 8th of dro?
  12. id rather see a gram of bud that wasnt grown by a drug cartel's buddies in mexico

    but really thats some gross bud. but if you like it, enjoy it lol. ill keep smokin on some dankky.

    ps, 1 bowl of dank> fat blunt of that
  13. I would pick that up for 150 anyday. Around my area 150 would get you a little more than a zip, thats why I stick to cultivation :smoke:
  14. ^
    i feel you, but sometimes i rather smoke a fat blunt instead of a bowl.
  15. Its weird living in California and then seeing stuff like this. Not that its bad or anything its just i dont know where i would find stuff like this/see in person.

    Get your smoke on op :smoke:
  16. for $150/qp id pick that up all day. hell if nothing else you have plenty to make edibles or hash with.
  17. doesnt look like terrible mids, just looks compressed as fuck and in the shape of a brick.
  18. Listen, to put it mildly that's not the best weed I've ever seen

    But holy fuck $38 an ounce I would buy QPs every week and just use it as filler bud

    Make those dank blunts extra fat, ya know?

  19. Then its not a dank blunt anymore buddy
    what's the point in mixing that shit and dank ha
    That's like mixing honey and diarrhea :smoke:

  20. first off, its not swag, its schawg. second, your wrong. i know i can speak for many people on this, people would rather see an eigth of dro or higher end bud rather than a QP of mids. what do you think is so special about a qp of mids, thats nothing new or exciting so in the future if you have to make that choice definitely show the eighter because no one is going to be suprised just because its a quap, idc if its a elbow, its still mids nothing special.

    feel free to post what you want, but your wondering why you got so much hate, so im telling you how to avoid that in the future.

    like i said above, smoke on brotha, weed is weed, but mids aint nothin new or exciting here weve all seen it, and most of us, connisseurs, hate to smoke it for obvious reasons but that dosent mean you cant.

    and one more thing, you cant argue with 150$/quap. thats a damn good price if your getting it for that, and at that price im sure its more effective to buy quaps of that rather than 150$ of dank, so do what you gotta do but dont b expecting comments like "WOW THATS SO DANK +REP"

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