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QP of Bubble Hash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by andyGILL, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. $525, should I do it? Haven't had hash in over a year so I have no idea what to think right now.

    I'm in BC.
  2. fuck yeeeeeeeeeah you should, i would in a second if i had a connect for hash.
  3. QP of Bubble Hash
    1oz of God/Tuna/OG Kush
    1oz of Diesel


  4. Dooooooo it!
  5. Take it!!!! I would take a QP of hash at that price. :smoke:
  6. Do it then post pics

  7. Oh of course! I can't grab it until late tonight or tomorrow night sooo I'll either bump this thread or make a new one.
  8. All that for 800 bones?

    You have good connections. I'd probably be paying well into the 900s or 1000s for a QP of hash alone.
  9. shit if you have eight hundred to it up!

  10. My man, if the cash was too spare I'd be spending it on a bigger bowl or a pollen press! With the weed economy going to shit (hard to find a < $200 oz of danks, last summer $170 danks was expected) it only makes sense to buy in bulk.

    I mean, the hash at $525 works out to less than $5/gram, without buying bulk we're talking $10-$15/gram.

    nonono! I'm from BC, we just have great prices!
  11. If you think the weed situation sucks in BC... well, thats kinda weird.

    Come to the US, buddy - you'll be broke in no time.

  12. sounds about right...a qp of really good moracon hash goes for 900 down here in the us and canadian prices are about half the price. thats alot of hash tho....:eek:
  13. That's an AMAZING price here in the states.... Might not be in BC since that's like the weed capitol of North America BUT here in michigan... I'd pick that up in a second
  14. if i could get that kind of a deal here i'd be a rich man. buddy is selling homemade hash, decent quality for 25 a gram. at fucking 525 a qp, holy shit i'd be so rich. buy it, and then get at me lol. i'd love to purchase something so special. i could make 2300 bucks off that here.
  15. Yah, true that. :smoke:
  16. Are you joking? If that hash is legit, call the guy right now and tell him your coming in 5 minutes. Just be careful, thats one of those deals where "Its too good to be true" you know, my friend has had one of those and he lost 215 dollars ( sorry if your reading this man, just sharing the stories with the city), he uses the site too hahah, anyways. BUY NOW!
  17. Dam man id buy that in a second!!!!

    If i had that money. hahahha:p

  18. Hehe, no I am not joking. I trust this guy.

    He's hooked me up many times before. $80 ounce of high quality mush. $600 QPs of authentic Purple Kush (back in the glory days). $5 caps of pure MDMA (not in bulk).

    He's a good guy.
  19. Do it up..just look at the thread beneath this wear the kid was gunna buy a gram of hash for 40 bucks. Id definetly take your deal. Then just flip that and make some cash
  20. Thats a steal man, even in BC.

    Dank is good price also.

    Take the lot brother!

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