QB96 2x2 Temp Issues

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by seedstodreams, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Been having issues keeping my temps below 85-90F when I increase the watts on my QB96. AC is not an option right now.

    2x2x4 tent, got one 6'' fan pointing directly at the heatsink/board and another 6'' fan blowing across the plants/up at the light. 4'' booster/duct fan exhausting out the tent to a window (Amazon)

    The room the tent is in stays around 75-80F

    I disconnected my carbon filter for now to see if that would help, but there's really no change. Also tried opening more passive intakes
  2. Apparently your exhaust fan is insufficient, unless you are accidentally measuring temp at a hot spot.
    A bigger fan might be needed, but a small intake fan (usually unnecessary) might help increase total air flow.
    If you take any old fan, and use it to blow room air into the tent, it might help.
    But it might also increase smell.
  3. Wire your driver so you have like 6 foot cords. Hang it on wall outside tent
  4. I mounted outside the tent from the start :(
  5. Jeez
  6. Make sure your fan is sealed off to your carbon filter good. If it isn’t the. It’s just gonna blow hot air around the leak of your seals in the tent.
  7. It was sealed, no change in temp with it disconnected either. I can feel the hot air being pumped through the duct, out the window

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