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  1. Currently running three QB 288v1’s and two QB3’s.

    I have two 288’s in 3000k, and one in 3500k. I have two QB3’s with 6 total 730nm diodes at 12 watts.

    Do you think I will be able to achieve Emerson Effect by running the QB3’s for the full 12 hours, and 10 minutes after lights out for flower initiation? I am currently running 20 minutes with the far red, ten during on, ten during off. Not even really sure if “Emerson Effect” is such a desirable state.
  2. For Emerson you need to keep the FR during the whole lights on duration, 10 minutes wont do anything. For initiation you only need the few minutes after lights off.
    What do you mean "isnt a desirable state"? Emerson just means that you get higher rate of photosynthesis when combining R and FR.
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  3. I know what it requires, but I guess my question is, is it worth it to target either with my set up, and can I do both? I can just run them the full light cycle+10, or go for either, but with my board set up, will Emerson take effect?
  4. Dude i dont think it is a literal thing you are trying to make happen, the emerson effect is simply adding the red and far red to the light spectrum.
  5. 3000k board should have enough red so yes adding far red during lights on should enable the Emerson effect.
    And yes you can do both with full lightson +10 minutes or either depending on what you want to do.

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