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  1. Hello everyone, I was originally going to go with a 400W HPS but seeing the pros of Quantum Boards I decided to look into it. I have decided on a 3x3x6.5 tent, and I am hoping for around 4 plants. I was wondering what type of light to use, I am going to go with King Brite on Alibaba as I heard good things about them, what does everyone think of this light below ? I am aiming for $160.00 shipped.
    Also what is best for flowering + vegging, 3500k or 3000k
    Kingbrite 240w Samsung Lm301h 288v3 Quantum Board Led Horticulture Grow Lights - Buy Quantum Board,Lm30h,288v3 Product on Alibaba.com
  2. 3500k would be better for veg and flower. The 3k will still work fine but you will see a little more stretching. I use the 3500k through veg and the first couple weeks of flower. Then I have some red booster strips ( 660nm & 730nm) that I turn on to finish flowering
  3. Ok I'll go with 3500K, what do you think of the light, will it work for my circumstances
  4. The 3500k is acheived by mixing 3000k and 4000k. The real advantage is you get the 4000k for veg and it is a very good veg spectrum. It may be possible to start seeds on the 4000k side, and then as plants mature move them over to the 3000k side.
  5. It will most definitely work for you. The lm301b diodes are the very best on the market right now. That light will 100% out perform a 400w hps. And with a lot less heat. Some will say that the 3k will give you denser bud but it's not a huge difference. The additional blue in the 3500k will give you slightly better trichome production
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  6. That light already has reds included so for the white diodes you should get 3500k or even 4k to boost the blue. That would help compensate for the reds on the board.

    Look at the light spectrum of the qb96 elite v2 and the new qb288 rspec. Compare how much blue and green they have compared to previous qb288 boards. If you watch the spectrum for how they change it the new boards have more blue, green, and red then the previous boards. The qb96's blue spike is the size of the blue spike on the older 4k boards.

    I use all 3500k lights in my flower area and combine those with a red strip so I get both more red and blue then an all white setup. It's known as a double bump spectrum and works well. I ran 3k for a while and noticed little to no difference. I prefer to have a little more blue in the white light spectrum and rely on the reds to balance it out.
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  7. With a 4000k and a 3000k you can really mix it up. Even just a 1/4 rotate can get the neurotic grower increased growing satisfaction.

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