QB LED 4x4 Green Gelato Grow

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  1. Hey guys,

    Heres my setup for this round!

    Grow Tent :

    - BudBox Pro White 120x120x200cm

    Lighting :

    - 2x 120w 288pc 3000k lm301b Quantum Boards

    - 2x 120w 252pc 3000k + 36pc 660nm
    Quantum Boards

    Ventilation :

    ◦ 1x 125mm RVK Fan

    ◦ 1x 125-300mm Rhino Pro Filter

    ◦ Acoustic Ducting.

    Growing Medium :

    Coco perlite mix in 18l Buckets

    Nitrients :

    - Humboldts Secret Golden Tree

    That concludes the equipment side of things.

    Now moving onto the Strains

    They are :

    2 x Green Gelato - Royal Queen Seeds

    1 x Medical Mass - Royal Queen Seeds

    The two in the front are both GG and the one at the back is MM.

    I got the plants yesterday and transplanted them into their new pots,a friend of mine had been raising them for me they are about 8-10 weeks old from cut.

    If anybody has any advice/questions/enquiries be my guest!


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  2. Nice clean setup bro, looks really great!


    My 4x4 is slaaaaaam packed lolol



    When they get bigger spread your lights out towards the corners. Like one light around 7-9” from the corner, in each corner

    You’ll get MUCH better even PPFD across your canopy

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  3. Thanks for the kind words.

    Your setup looks nice too,very full indeed!

    Yea thats true,I intend to set the lights up in a square formation in the next couple days,and will also be getting a larger fan!

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    So i have changed the setup a bit,made it a bit more tidy,zip tied the cables up and changed the lights around.


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  5. Anybody have any advice on how to up the humidity without buying a humidifier?

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  6. [​IMG][​IMG]

    The plants arnt really this yellow by the way,just strange lighting in the pictures

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  7. [​IMG]

    Looking a bit better everyday after transplant :)

    And i put 3 Northern Lights - Sensi Seeds down and 3/3 came up this morning.

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  8. Cant wait to see how they turn out I am finishing a green gelato right now.
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  9. I was having super low humid. I put my oscillating fan blowing on my light, put a half gallon of water open in there. The most effective thing I did, I think you could only do with autos but I left part of my tent unzipped and had the fan blowing on light toward opening. That brought my humidity down from 32 to 52. And brought my too high temps down. With lights out I don’t have any issues with humidity or temperature. I just ordered a cool mist humidifier tho.
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  11. So as I said the home things didnt work for me but since I have a humidifier I think I have something that will help. What you would need to do is take a wet towel and get it wet and drape it over a fan, that is basicly what the humidifier does it holds water in filter and a fan pulls air through it. My rh is still only getting to 50 at best. Boo
  12. You almost came up with all the pieces of the home humidifier by yourself! Bucket of water, with a damp towel hanging into it, with a fan blowing over it. This set up (minus the fan) in front of your intake (if it happens to be low) port/duct can work pretty well! This is what most humidifiers are. As long as the towell remains damp it should work. Maybe a few towels or some sort of foam may work better? Go experiment and let us know!

    Personally id rather avoid higher humidities and deal with those ramifications than have things spike high and the potential pitfalls involved there.

    Think you could share a link on where you picked yp that tent? Im on the fence between adding a 4x8 or just putting up some walls....
  13. Awesome! Got any pictures?

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  14. Yea thats what i ended up doing,have a solid 60-70% RH now. Will veg 1 more week then flip em

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  15. Remember this is my first plant well second I started it one one after the other one I have.
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  16. On the positive side, when it comes time for flowering it will be easy to have low humidity! :)
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  17. Nice,how long did you veg for and what lighting are you using?

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  18. 46 days from planting germinated seed in soil I flipped 12/12. Running a 315 pro par lec bulb in a a sun systems magnum xxl air cooled hood with a converter socket for the 315. I need a different light stupid hydro store guy got me cuz I didnt investigate enough now I have a lec bulb in an air cooler hood ugh
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    Looking a bit better after yesterdays Calmag watering and foilar feed.

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