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  1. I’m in the process of starting my first grow. I was convinced to go LED because of the low consumption and good results, but twice now have had QB boards recommended to me.

    What is the real difference, from experience? I’ve looked them up and done some research but I haven’t found any good solid comparison threads.

    And if you were to recommend a cheap qb board for a 5x5 tent, what would you recommend?
  2. QBs (quantum boards) are the name for the circuit boards designed by the company Horticulture Lighting Group.

    These boards use LEDs, specifically high efficiency LED diodes made by Samsung (the name of the diode is Samsung LM301B, this is basically the cornerstone of the QB technology).

    Other LED grow lights usually give off that purple light I'm sure you've seen. Those purple lights (people call them blurples) aren't nearly as efficient or effective for plant growth/power consumption as the quantum boards. This allows you to run less light wattage with the QBs than other lights, which means less heat from the lights, lower power bills, and better plant growth compared to any other kind of light.

    I would encourage you to go to the Horticulture Lighting Group to learn more. They have suggestions on different lights/boards for different spaces. The general rule of thumb is 25-30 watts for every sq ft of space. So 5x5 = 25sqft. 25sq ft×25w of light = 625w. HLG is the premier top notch manufacturer of these lights (they designed them) and their prices reflect that. Going off their recommendations, something like this would probably be your absolute cheapest bet from them:
    600W QB288 V2 R spec LED Kit
    Also keep in mind these are DIY kits so you will have to assemble it and wire it up by yourself. If you don't have electrical experience you'll definitely want to do a ton of research before you wire them up as you could hurt yourself. You can also find them preassembled for a markup.

    If you are looking for a cheaper option you can buy the same technology from Alibaba for a lot cheaper, however there is more risk of things going wrong if you go this route. Like I said, "Quantum Board" is kind of like a brand name. So if you end up getting copycat boards from China, they won't technically be QBs even if they use the same technology. I guess that's just a semantics thing. PM me for more info on this route.

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  3. What he said above me. Def check out their site and read about them. You won't find a 'cheap' option but there are decent deals.
    I went the Alibaba route. I had no issues. If you use the right sellers, it's fine. Saved about 35%, after shipping and customs.

    The boards I got are legit Samsung diodes. And use the same drivers as HLG uses. For all intents and purposes they are the same thing. If you want to pay for brand name (HLG) that's cool. You have the advantage also of having a domestic person to deal with should anything go wrong. Not shipping back overseas so there's that.

    That said, Shenzhen Meijiu Lighting Co has sold so many boards now, they have have their own brand/model lines. Rita Fang is who I dealt with.
    Quality control is great. My plants absolutely love them.
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  4. It’s funny this thread came up. I have a blurple light now, rated at 220w and haven’t really been impressed with it.
    I was just on HLG today looking and my head was spinning from all the info.
    If I could keep my temps down I’d go back to HPS over the blurple
  5. The thing is, you don't need to cover the whole tent. It is ok to have unused space in a tent if you cant afford to cover that whole footprint. Plants don't die because they have room around the edges. But, there is no point in covering 5x5 with insufficient light and always wanting more. If you start with just the amount of good qb light you can afford, even if it only covers 2x2 in a 5x5, you are on your way to growing good pot and can easily add more light or find that sweet spot to cover your needs.
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  6. The only thing I didn’t know if I cared for was that they tend to come in 4,000k and 3,000k. So would you have to have one to veg and one to flower? Or would you be better to run a 3,000k thru your whole grow?
  7. The great thing about qb boards is they use actual draw for power rating instead of inflated "1800W" that only draw 200W.

    So someone new might be like "holy shit! That's like 150W/sq ft!!!!"
    "Nah dude it's like 200w divided by your sq footage"

    Here's my clones under 16.7W/sq ft of qb lighting, 25% draw on the drivers (letting them root fully into the 5 gallons before I turn them up).

    CMH are a good HID option if you have to go back to it, they run the same spectrum, give or take, as these things. Also run cooler than HPS or standard MH

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  8. From what I understand, 3000k is all purpose seed to harvest. 4000k is better for veg only.

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  9. Yeah it can be a little daunting trying to get all the info sorted.
    The ones I order come available from 2700K up to 6000K, and either V1 or V2 diodes as an option.

    Mine are under 2 x 2700K V1 panels and 4 x 3000K V2 panels with the added far red Epistars diodes.
    Insane red in my tent for flowering and I still get super lush, beautiful green plants while vegging under them.

    3500K works well for both as a general purpose but I am very happy even with a real "warm" room.

    My HLG100 boards are 3500K and my vegging mom plants love them too.
  10. 3000k the whole grow if must make a choice. The 4000k is a luxury for an auto grower who just has to have a pefect veg. I bought the 3000k first since advertised as germ to harvest, but I am obsessive about the first 28 days. By the time my 4000k arrived, my plants were in full flower under the 3000k they had germed under. Also, if the 3000k isn't cutting it for you during veg, the spectrum could be tweaked with a high k (6500k) cfl or two. But I would not hesitate to veg under 3000k. Just, once you see how nice the 3000k is and if you have room and a budget you can mix in some 4k. Then you get a whole other 3500k area and I would call 3500k true germ to harvest. Lights are not lifetime purchases. You don't marry them. Try one you can afford. They all grow pot. 50,000 hours comes quick around here and tech is always changing. They are making some newer mixed boards and red light strips and such.
  11. I haven't checked in a while, but HLG used to offer some lamps in 3500K. That is a good both-stages light.
    For sizing...

    2x2 tent: (1) QB 135
    2x4 tent: (1) 260W QB V2
    2.5x5: (1) 320W XL
    3x3 tent: (1) QB 260 XW
    4x4 tent: (2) 260 XL
    5x5 tent: (3) 260 XL or (2) 320W XL

    In a space with multiple lights you can have them at different heights to accommodate different plants.
    I suppose you could even put a 3000K on one side and a 4000K on the other for veg versus flower with a little intermixing in the middle.
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  12. That is the way I do it. I have a 4000k side and a 3000k side and the middle is all about 3500k. I have found zero stress from moving at anytime. Unlike moving from mh to hps. I keep my boards at the same height and raise or lower individual plants. But that is for a 24/0 auto room (closet.)
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  13. *i havent gone a full cycle yet, but...
    i have cfl for veg (replacing with 2' t5)
    a 4' t5 for first 2 weeks of flower
    4x qb120 for final 4 weeks of flower.
    you dont have to use qb for veg.
  14. You forgot the QB96 Elite v2 which I'm running 2 of in my 2x4 and lovin them. Amazing lights!

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  15. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Don't buy a full kit either or you will be wasting your money.. Take the time to learn how to DO IT YOURSELF and about what lights you want.. Then figure out which driver will fit the set of lights you choose. There are youtube videos explaining the hlg series drivers, the drivers everyone uses. Its pretty simple to learn even if you have no electrical experience. Amps X Volts = Watts. I highly recommend learning because it will help you out with many other areas in life other than grow light systems.

    When you do it yourself you can also plan for the future. If you get a strong enough driver.. you can add another light to the same exact circuit down the road.

    Quantum Board lights are proven to be the best lights. That is factual. You save way more money on electricity, they put off way less heat, and plants grow the best under them. Its a win win win. (win win win win win win)

    I guarantee you will be disappointed in yourself if you choose any other grow light method.
    I guarantee you will be fully stoked if you go with qb lights.
    (after you learn whats what)

    Best of luck!!!
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  16. Im growing using the same set up! Im going to add the second light any day now once i spread the plants out more. I have one going rn. Its so efficient I'm saving so much on electricity until i need to add the second one lol.
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  17. Man I'm running my Fotop600H panel sets at 25% and that works out to 16.7W/sq ft with my setup, my plants are behaving like they did under my old metal halide 1000.

    So awesome.

    I do want 96's though....damn.
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  18. My 96's could run at like 5 Amps at 56 watts or some dumb crazy number for the small light. I wouldn't go above probably 3 amps. Im running one at 75W rn out of ~250W available. The first month i was under 50W.. These lights are so strong i recommend keeping them turned down low :D especially the first month. I use a $20 lux meter to measure the light intensity. HLG has a calculator that converts lux to ppfd for each specific light. On the same page they have a chart for the proper ppfd readings for each stage of the plants growth.

    I don't really know shit about what ppfd actually is, but I've been following the chart and my plants fucking love it.
    Converting Lux to PPFD & Measuring Lux with Smartphone
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  19. My 96 elites are 3500k . That nice little sweet spot. You want quantum boards. Blurple lights are bad lights in comparison. Not trying to make you feel bad or anything. Growing is growing and you're a boss for doing so!!!. You would be happier getting rid of the blurple though. Or only using them on seedlings. You can add 3000k lights in the same circuit as 4000k lights. Get 3000k at first which is flower.. you can use it through the whole grow. or just do what i did and get the 96 elites and love your frickin life.
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  20. Haha! Yeah I kinda get the PPFD thing but not really.

    I was HID grower for years. I saw all the claims with the standard LEDs. Never bit. Just saw a lot of larfy nugs and mediocre yields for the wattage claimed.

    Took a lot of convincing to try the new QB tech. Finally did. Now I'll never go HID (unless CMH and I had to). I use blurple in my spare tent but only for vegging small plants and clones.

    No comparison. COB are the only other LED I'd try at this point and probably only if Cree brand specifically.

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