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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by degrassi2, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Excellent, that is what I thought when it cam to wiring so it's good to hear you say it! Appreciate all your time my man! Can't wait to put these up!
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  2. Hey tbone Again thanks for the help I got my lights in I wired to of them up they work great I'm going to extend the wires for the ballast to put the ballast outside of the room on the walls I was wondering if you have ever done this and if so
    what kind of insulation to wrap the wires
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  3. You don't really need anything besides about 18awg wire with good insulation that has about 300 volt rating. You could get some of that flexable plastic conduit to protect the wires some as they route into the grow space. Be careful not to make the wire too long. It will increase the voltage drop from the driver to the boards.
  4. It's just weird to have these little thin wires just exposed. I know they in their own jacket but just doesn't seem right lol. I'm assuming someone has wrapped these guys in something before. Home depot didn't have what I thought they would, everything rigid and I'm not doing that metal flex lol
  5. Go to the auto parts store buy some plastic wire loom and electrical tape. Should be perfect for ya RoHS-Flexible-PA-PP-PE-Plastic-Split-Wire-Loom.jpg
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  7. That black plastic stuff that was posted is exactly what I was talking about.
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  8. They have different colors..

    Only other thing I can think of is grab a long role of shrink wrap and fees the wire through it and shrink it...I dunno. :Shrug:
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