QB 288 v3 setup

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by lpr, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. I have no idea what I am doing here would someone help me?

    I am going to take a picture of everything I need to connect.

    Not sure what goes where.


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  2. Going to need to know what kind of driver you got
  3. If your driver is a constant current model than you will wire like this Screenshot_20190817-173613_Chrome.jpg
  4. Most of the Chinese fixtures are 48 volt drivers wired in parallel.

    Those are 3 way wagos. Run the output of the driver to each one. Positive and negative. From the other two levers on each wago run a positive and negative wire to each board. Basically the wago splits the output to two sets of positive and negative wires. One for each board.
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  5. Black wire from driver goes to black wago. Red output wire from driver goes to red wago.
  6. I only have one 250w qb. This drover is a HLG-240H-48AB.

    How do I put the wires in the wago? Don’t want to break it or put it in the wrong place. Do I put it in the empty spot? IMG_0014.JPG

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  7. I guess you figured it out but lift up the lever on the wago and it will allow you to insert the wire from the driver then close the lever back down to lock it in. Red wire to red wired wago. Black wire to black wire wago.

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